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    Hello All,

    I wanted to share my thoughts about the KEYone in hopes it will help someone in a similar situation to mine when deciding to take the plunge. Some background - long time BB user, owned all of the BB10 devices, my last being a Passport. Took the plunge with the Priv when it was clear BB10 was dead, wasn't a big fan, keyboard was lousy and found that I used the VKB vs. PKB way more often due to the slide out mechanism. Bought my first non-BB phone last year with the Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and used that until the KEYone's recent launch in NA. I think I am the KEYone's target market - very big on all forms of messaging, want current apps, not a big game player or video media consumer.

    PROS -

    Keyboard - it's been detailed in depth on the forums how good the keyboard is and I concur. To those negatively comparing it to the Classic or the Priv, I think that is unfair. The KEYone's combination of screen size and balance when typing is excellent, where the Classic had a small screen and the Passport was just plain awkward. My biggest pet peeve with the VKB on the Samsung was the annoying constant typos, and how hard and time consuming it was it was to go back and correct typos all the time. While the PKB may be a little slower, it's much much more accurate and way less frustrating. That's the key advantage to me over any of the other helpful features like scrolling and swiping up. Additionally, the extra screen real estate when messaging due to the PKB is an excellent advantage.

    A secondary advantage is quick launching apps using the keyboard. It's very convenient and allows me to keep my homepage clean, but it's not life changing. I will say I love the ability to just press the H key when driving and have Google Maps automatically launch and find my route home.

    Battery - The battery lives up to the hype. I'm not getting these ridiculous claims of two or three day battery life - those people must be barely using their phones. But, in comparison to the Galaxy S7e the battery last me a full day with - 4 email accounts running hub, texting, whatsapp and BBM, hours of Spotify streaming, at least 60 mins on calls daily, Google Maps, and heavy twitter and instagram use. Sometimes with the Galaxy I'd be at 30% by 2PM and need a charge. With the K1 I feel confident I can last a whole day and am usually between 0-15% by the end of the night. I can't ask for more than that.

    BB Launcher & Apps - in general, I prefer the cleaner look of the BB Launcher over the crap that Samsung makes you load. Additionally, I am a Hub user so I like having it as part of the package and having all my notifications handled through a central app.

    Body - I like the look and feel of the KEYone. For those that complain about thickness, if feels just right in your hand and has good heft. While the S7e is thinner, there is no way anyone is using it without a case, it's a super slippery glass slab that makes it impossible to use naked. When you factor in a thin bumper case like I have on the S7e, it equals the KEYone in thickness and still doesn't feel as good in one hand. I plan to use KEYone naked, and although there has been reported issues, it feels sturdy to me and has sustained a couple falls without issue so far.

    Speaker - If you are coming from a BB10 phone like the Passport or Z30, the speaker is not nearly as good. If you are coming from a Galaxy S7e, I think the speaker is actually a little louder and better. This is purely subjective but I feel the KEYone reproduces better sound quality via headphones and bluetooth vs. the Galaxy S7e.

    Fingerprint sensor - it's faster and easier to use than the Galaxy S7e's, which was a surprise due to the slower processor.


    Screen - the screen is not as flashy as the OLED's available on the Galaxy line, which has a really nice display. I find the S7e to be a little aggressive on how it reproduces colour, and the KEYone in my opinion has a more natural colour reproduction. Real world, my eyes have gotten used to the KEYone just fine and I don't feel l am missing or lacking anything. One bonus is that in direct sunlight the KEYone screen is very good and easy to see vs. the OLED Galaxy screen which is terrible in direct sunlight.

    Processor - I have a con which I think is a ram issue, but, in general I think the speed of the phone with the slower processor is fine. I don't notice much difference when transitioning apps, especially since using the modified developer options to shorten transitions. Over time, I have found that the Galaxy had slowed down due to bloat, I wonder if the KEYone will as well.

    Call quality - no discernible difference to me, both phones are usable. The speakerphone may be a little better on the KEYone, but in general there is no dramatic difference. This is opposed to the Passport, which I found to be superior to both of these phones for both voice and speakerphone quality.

    CONS -

    Ram - they should have put 4 gigs of ram on this phone. The difference I see between this phone and the Galaxy S7e is the constant refreshing of apps. Additionally, there have been two occasions when driving in the car with Spotify, Google Maps active navigation, and the Hub plus other apps open when the phone has slowed down or froze. In around a year of using the S7e that has happened maybe twice. I am assuming it's a ram vs. processor issue, but I'm no technical expert. Regardless, I am a little more careful with how I manage apps in the KEYone where it was never a concern on the Galaxy.

    Signal - I'm putting this as a con, but i'm not sure if it's a con or if the KEYone is more accurate/less optimistic than the Galaxy. It does show a lower signal in places than the S7e does, but, without testing actual signal reception it's hard to know which phone is more accurate. I do find when going from a non-roaming area to a roaming area, the phone does take longer than the Galaxy to reconnect to the network.

    Camera - the camera on the S7e is hands down the best camera I have ever used on a phone. It is so good at low light photos I have never actually seen the flash go off. Quality, colour, image stabilization, speed are all excellent. The camera on the KEYone is good as well, fast shutter (common issue with other BB's), and good daytime photos but it cannot compete in low light situations. It's the best camera on a BB I have used, but still has some catching up to do. I miss the feature that automatically catches a few seconds of video before every picture (Samsungs and IOS do this). That being said, the KEYone's camera is good enough that I wouldn't want to ditch the phone because of the camera.


    I'll be keeping the KEYone over the S7e. I find the advantage of a real all-day battery and keyboard for the amount of emails, texts, BBM's, whatsapps, and everything else I send to be a major win over the downsides of less RAM, lesser camera, and smaller screen. The keyboard and the battery life are big wins in my opinion, I use my phone for work and pleasure and if it makes me more productive at both that's the bottom line to me.

    Suggested improvements - I'd pay a premium price for v2 if they:

    - up the ram to 4 gigs
    - improve the camera both in tech and software
    - bigger/stronger battery
    - best in class signal reception and voice/speaker clarity

    Hope this helps someone when trying to decide on the KEYone.

    06-12-17 05:22 PM
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    I concur more RAM the better - but the batter is already big lol! any bigger the device gets bigger not to mention my screen on time is 9+ hours!!!!!!!! and it charges fast - I want a larger keyboard even if it makes screen smaller, I love the form factor here though, comfortable for talking
    sophace likes this.
    06-12-17 05:40 PM
  3. sophace's Avatar
    Hopefully tech improves so that you get more bang for the buck battery wise. It would be nice to have a battery you never have to worry about.
    06-12-17 06:13 PM

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