07-04-17 10:18 AM
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  1. tickerguy's Avatar
    Just wait until you are remoted into a machine somewhere to fix a problem and an errant "return" key means you're *screwed*.

    On a VKB that risk is insanely high. What's screwed? Think about this one: "ifconfig em0 inet 192.168.(errant return instead of next ".") (or "route add default ....." -- same problem)

    You're done. Literally done, unless you can get someone to push the power button for you and start over. Oh, and that assumes you can get back into that box via some other means, and that wouldn't be a problem in that sort of circumstance (e.g. the only virtual KVM is via a Java app which you can't run on the phone!)

    Think this is all that uncommon? Uh uh. I have call to do that sort of thing all the time, and in many cases I simply have to decline to try until I can get where I have an actual keyboard, because a mistake like that is unrecoverable.
    07-04-17 05:42 AM
  2. Smokeaire's Avatar
    Well, question is the definition of productivity...

    The other day, when my daughter was at her swimming lessons, I was sitting behind the pool with other parents. One working mommy was typing few pagedown email on her Samsung slab. She was sitting right next to me.
    I noticed that she got absolutely same problem that I get - too many mistypes. I mean, it hurt my eyes to see how often she had to fix the spelling error, when she pressed b or v instead of space etc.

    This, is by the way, my experience. I just make too many mistyping errors. I was doing that with my Z10, was doing with my Xiaomi glass slab. Then, when I moved to passport, number of my mistypes dropped by roughly 95% or so.

    You can do stuff on glass slab, of course. But productivity, when you have to fix all the mistakes all the time, eh?

    Posted via CB10
    Just be glad that typing mommy cared enough that she did correct her typing mistakes and spent the time to read and edit her composition. It seems that many posters don't care if their posts look like it was typed by a first grader.
    I get a good laugh when I read posts extolling the virtues of the physical keyboards and typing accuracy using the physical keyboard, and yet the post is a punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and grammar disaster. Mistakes happen. Sure. It is when the posts are practically indecipherable that diminish any vkb vs pkb debate.
    It is the typist who is the problem, not the keyboard they are using.
    07-04-17 06:33 AM
  3. mikeydodds's Avatar
    iphone's too slow for me, has crappy battery life, no universal inbox, no programmable shortcuts, too fragile, barely customisable etc. can't stand them.
    I have my gripes with the keyone. but it's a decent hybrid and night and day better than any all touch available.
    07-04-17 06:40 AM
  4. JPD404's Avatar
    First off you need to know the difference between "then" and "than". I switch from the iPhone to the Passport a couple of years ago. In my opinion the iPhone was disastrous device, with a lack of support to universal protocols, new technologies and poor integration. On top of that, in 2017 still using a mechanical button on the side and a home-button. The iOS platform is also a disaster: the worst notification management one can think of. It's very hard to believe this was written by someone who loves BlackBerry. I don't buy it. The KEYone is an awesome device, very comfortable to hold and surprisingly snappy.

    A close friend switched from the iPhone to the KEYone. He hadn't had a BlackBerry since the old OS7 generation, and he's loving it! He's telling everyone he never imagined how superior BlackBerry was from Apple these days.
    07-04-17 08:01 AM
  5. evodevo69's Avatar
    Wait a minute - can someone explain to me then, is there a reason why Apple doesn't allow you into the file system?

    Like why don't they allow users to share files easily as attachments in emails, messaging apps, etc?

    What's the logic behind this? Security?

    Posted via CB10
    07-04-17 08:20 AM
  6. smertz's Avatar
    I am probably one of the best use cases for BlackDroid vs Ios. For a year and a half I was using a 6s for work. My job is about 75% mobile. I need to read edit and send multiple documents a day or at a time. This can all be done on IOS. It's just not efficient or intuitive, the uploading, downloading, editing, uploading, and sending multiple emails. It can be done, I did it. When I got a PRIV in prep for the K1 I was amazed at how quickly I will could edit and send multiple files and reply quickly to my customers needs. There is no comparison to the efficiency of BlackDroid. Storing and editing documents on my encrypted device (that has not been hacked as of yet as far as we know) is hands down more efficient. In my line of work time and security is money and BlackDroid does it better, from experience. I tried every app and combination of apps and processes on IoS and it was just not efficient. Don't get me wrong, it's a good OS but doesn't compare for efficiency. and the K1 with ther battery life, it's down right killer!!

    PS : this should be an ad for BlackBerry!
    07-04-17 10:10 AM
  7. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    So just to add a little background, have been a Blackberry fan since the 7230 (back in 2004) I've had literally every single Blackberry since then and currently still own a p9983 graphite, Classic, and Passport SE.

    Like every Blackberry release I order the phone asap, I'm from the US but still couldn't wait so ordered U.K. Variant of Keyone from Selfridges on launch day. Since then I've been using the phone but I'm finally done trying to convince myself I like this phone. A few observations

    1. Weight of device is awkward, trying to use while relaxing on couch or even in bed has equated to dropping and or not figuring out a comfortable way to hold the damn thing.

    2. Overall speed is really not impressive.

    3. Phone experience , calling, hanging up, conferencing is far more stressful than the Blackberry I know.

    4. Cell antenna(s) are seemingly low quality in someway.

    I don't know if these gleaming reviews are coming from those who have just not had the chance to experience iOS because my 7 plus blows this thing out of the water in just about every way, and trust me I don't want it to but ide be lying to myself if I said otherwise. Fluidity, speed, cell reception, overall UI is far less clunky with iPhone then the Keyone. It's funny because I used to say, well it's a business phone so live with the minor nuances, but now I've totally done a 180, the iPhone allows me to get things done a lot quicker then the Keyone with great battery life to boot (iPhone 7 plus) I want to continue to support Blackberry but it's difficult when I have to convince myself that the Keyone is worth using day in and day out.

    I would be curious to find out how many Keyone users have switched from an iPhone 7 or 7 plus, heck even a 6s and actually stuck with their Keyone.

    Crackberry Kevin, you're definitely still rocking an iPhone right? Be honest now!
    I feel the opposite! I use to rip my hair out! I know I touch type right yet keep on getting touchtype errors! So for me ios was really really bad!
    07-04-17 10:16 AM
  8. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    The iPhone is way too restricted for my liking. The simplest, most basic things like downloading files from the Internet or sending a file through Bluetooth is not possible on that platform (or it requires some ridiculous workarounds and/or jailbreaking). In addition to limited customizations options. No thanks. Besides, the most obvious point: No physical keyboard. Isn't that the main, or rather only, reason to get a K1 in the first place? Why else would you get it when there are cheaper and better slabs out there? I, for one, will never feel comfortable typing on a glass screen. And believe me, I've tried (both on an iPhone and a DTEK50 for months, and several others in the past). Android is far from perfect, but I'd choose it over iOS any day.
    07-04-17 10:18 AM
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