1. Pooffio's Avatar
    Hi all,

    So I was finally able to order the KeyOne from Bestbuy (yay)

    I was just wondering, how is it to play Pokemon Go and Ingress on the KeyOne?
    06-08-17 11:02 AM
  2. Mr2sh0rt91's Avatar
    In one of the last video reviews I watched Pokemon Go played pretty good but took a bit of getting used to because the home button is so close to the screen. You have to be careful when throwing a pokeball that you dont accidentally hit the home button.
    06-08-17 11:47 AM
  3. Jared DiPane's Avatar
    I play it on my KEYone without any issues. Sure, the home button is close to where you throw the ball from, but you get used to it quickly.
    06-08-17 12:10 PM

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