1. marcusperkins's Avatar
    I remember the old BBOS days when the LED really caught your attention and was a useful notifier even outdoors.

    The KEYone LED by contrast is very weak, almost useless unless you're in a dark room. In an office environment it is almost impossible to see with peripheral vision, and easy to miss when breifly looking directly at it. Outdoors it is practically useless.

    On the plus side it drains no battery, but I wonder why they didn't put a brighter LED in to make it genuinely useful. It's a real shame.

    I really missed the LED notifier whilst waiting for the KEYone, but now a little irked that it is mostly useless in all but the dullest rooms.

    KEYon is a good phone, but after using it for two weeks, things like the dim LED, weak reception and poor capacitive keyboard (scrolling) seem like unnecessary shortcomings, rather than money saving decisions.

    The processor though is perfectly fast enough and battery is great.
    06-16-17 04:09 PM
  2. p51's Avatar
    So is the vibration motor. Can barely hear it on the table & def can't feel it in my pocket.
    06-16-17 05:13 PM

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