1. konikx25's Avatar
    Laser engraving is virtually impossible for KeyOne's physical keyboard. Look at this. Tried to engrave Korean characters but no luck. Hugh. Is there KeyOne Laser Engraving is impossible!-1496210292405.jpgAnyone who has tried engraving?
    05-31-17 12:58 AM
  2. mnns's Avatar
    this really sucks. I still haven't tried to engrave mine but my previous BlackBerry keyboards were all easily engraved. BlackBerry should have thought about it or at least sell keyboards with different languages and make it easy to replace.

    BTW I've seen a Russian YouTube video with a guy that somehow managed to engrave it.

    He says this keyboard makes it really hard to engrave, he needed to use a more complicated technology of engraving and then filling the characters with color. He also says it won't light in the dark.
    05-31-17 01:57 AM
  3. konikx25's Avatar
    Im so depressed about this lol.
    06-01-17 10:26 PM

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