06-11-17 02:59 PM
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  1. evodevo69's Avatar
    The Priv doesn't REALLY have a curved screen. The glass over the actual display is curved, but the part that actually has an image appears flat... Well, at least that's the impression I have, never really used a Priv...
    Loll actually it does.

    The image spills over the sides very nicely on the PRIV, because the display doesn't curve to the same extent as the glass.

    Definitely not a flat image - just watch a video on YouTube on it, it's demonstrated in all priv reviews.

    Better implementation than on the Samsung edges though for sure, those things were too curved, and people reported palm rejection issues, distortion, color tinting, accidental taps.

    The s8 looks to have reduced this curve.
    05-29-17 08:38 AM
  2. Adam Frix's Avatar
    I am sure the Keyone will be a great device if you want a PKB but if not the S8 is the way to go.
    bah. LG G6.
    05-29-17 09:01 AM
  3. lpthomasson's Avatar
    I am still waiting on the KEYone. I want the PKB, but what really has me waiting is the battery life. I want a phone that I will not have to charge mid-day or have to carry a battery charger.

    Posted via CB10
    05-29-17 09:51 AM
  4. SeanSolo's Avatar
    The s8+ is amazing in every way. Anyone saying gimmicks etc just need to take another look. It's a marvel.

    That said I'm getting a KEYone as my work phone and love having best of both worlds. I have a iPhone 7 Plus, too.
    05-29-17 10:06 PM
  5. mikeydodds's Avatar
    I'd buy the moto z play. Samsung is fragile, overspecced, bloatware riddled, battery life dwingling garbage
    05-30-17 03:41 AM
  6. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I am in to productivity--not a big game player. My most used features are text, email, calendar, web browsing, using work-related websites, and periodically, the camera. I actually spent today trying to rely on my back-up Samsung Note 5 and using the virtual keyboard to see if I could really give up the physical keyboard. It was a frustrating experience. I am so much faster and more accurate with the physical keyboard. I do need to go to a platform that will run the apps that BB10 OS will not. I am still considering the KEYone. Thanks for the input everyone.

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    I still rip my hair out in frustration at the lack of touch typing accuracy and the constant backspacing to correct text. Thankgoodness for predictive text or else my slab devices would have been air borne from the the 30th floor.
    But Iphone CPUs are much powerful than android for at least 2-3 years now. I wouldn't be surprised if A10 chipset is more powerful than snapdragon 835.
    05-30-17 03:54 AM
  7. lpthomasson's Avatar
    Update: If anyone is still reading this, I was the OP and just wanted to post an update and comment regarding the Keyone device. WARNING: Long Post.

    I did wait and did get the KEYone. I live in the USA and started checking Amazon and Best Buy's websites at 9:00 PM, Pacific Standard Times/"PST" (West Coast) on 5/30/17, hoping the release would occur nationwide in the USA if the phone went live at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time (East Coast). No such luck.

    When I checked shortly after 12:00 AM PST, the phone was on Best Buy's website, but listed as "Sold Out." Amazon also had the phone listed as "Sold Out" for the Prime version, which meant no two-day delivery. However, it was still available for purchase, shipping from TCL directly with an expected delivery date of "June 8 - 16." Disappointed with the longer waiting time, but with no other choice, I ordered the device from Amazon/TCL. I tracked the delivery and was pleased when the delivery date was moved up to and actual delivery occurred on June 6, 2017.

    After using the KEYone for about 5 days now, was it worth the wait? Yes and no. It is a nice looking phone, has a good ergonomic feel in the hand, and a nice little heft and grip. The space bar's fingerprint recognition for unlocking the phone is awesome, and the keyboard has much better tactile feedback than my Priv. But after having used it, if I were able to run the Android app I need for my job on my BlackBerry Passport SE, which I can't, I would stick with the Passport.

    Software: I lost some functionality with the switch. No longer can I use the calendar to set an event that occurs over several weeks, then tap on a day within the scheduled period to make an exception for a day or two, when, for example, the event needs to start a little later or will not be held on that day. Instead, when I tap on a day I want to make an exception, the only options I get are to change the entire series or change all events from that day forward. I also have locked entries in my calendar from the device transfer process which I cannot delete. There are other little things like that which equal a loss of functionality and control in moving from BlackBerry OS to Android.

    Quality of KEYone build: I think I got what I paid for: a mid-range phone at a mid-range price. The aluminum part of the sim/SD card tray on my KEYone wobbles to the point it makes a slight rattling sound if you touch it when it is in place. The battery life is not as good as that of my Passport or Priv, but it is better than the Samsung Note 5 I had. The KEYone looks nice, it gives me the basic functions I need in a phone with the physical keyboard and notification light that BlackBerry is known for and that I wanted. But the KEYone is not of the same quality as the Samsung S8 or iPhone 7, for which you will pay a couple hundred dollars more. One obvious example, the KEYone is not waterproof/water resistant. Both the Samsung S8 and the iPhone 7 are.

    Having started my journey with the BlackBerry Pearl and gone through the Bold 9700, Bold 9900, Q10, AT&T Passport, Priv, and Passport SE (in that order), and having appreciated all the help I have gotten from others on Crackberry, I really do believe the KEYone will be my last BlackBerry branded device. If I have to adapt to the loss of some of the software functionality that I depended on when using BlackBerry OS 10, I am sure I can eventually learn to adapt to a virtual keyboard.

    Thanks everyone.

    Posted via CB10
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    06-11-17 12:16 PM
  8. kbz1960's Avatar
    I have been watching the videos on the KEYone, and one reviewer commented that the pre-release KEYone is fast with the 625 processor, but wondered would it remain as fast in real-life use with multiple email accounts and other programs running.

    Posted via CB10
    Have a moto Z play droid with the same processor, 4 email accounts and I notice no slow down. I do tend to close open apps, old habit.

    Oops, didn't notice how old the thread was.
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    06-11-17 01:07 PM
  9. lpthomasson's Avatar
    kbz1960: I have had the KEYone for 5 days now, but your responses is still helpful information about what I can expect. Thank you.
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    06-11-17 02:59 PM
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