1. lindylou78's Avatar
    I am receiving emails fine and I can read them. However, when I try to reply, forward or compose from scratch, the text in the body of the email changes to "Web page not available, the web page at etc etc could not be loaded because: net::ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE" and a picture of the green robot upside down!
    I've cleared all cache, cookies etc and uninstalled and re-installed my email accounts, restarted the phone etc still not working. Any ideas?
    07-21-19 01:26 PM
  2. lindylou78's Avatar
    Problem fixed, manually updated the BlackBerry Hub via play store
    07-21-19 03:21 PM
  3. AshtonKeily's Avatar
    Glad that you were able to fix that! I was going to say try power cycling the phone, that usually will fix most issues. Also, power cycle your phone once a day. I have learned that.
    07-22-19 01:15 AM

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