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    One of the many things I loved about my Classic was BB10’s integration between a flagged Hub email and the Remember app. On my Classic, I could flag a message and it would instantly show up in my Remember app as a task to be completed. It was brilliant!

    I’ve had a KEYone for about a year now. She’s been a trusty stead for much of that time. However, last week we had a falling out. So, I went back to my Classic ol’ girlfriend. I was ‘reminded’ of this beautiful marriage between BB10’s Hub and the Remember app.

    How can I achieve the same functionality between my KEYone’s Hub and the built-in Tasks app? Or should I be looking at another app that can integrate into the Hub?
    There is a way to sync an MS Exchange server, Novell GroupWise and Windows Live Hotmail/Outlook to the Tasks app, but I only have IMAP emails through GoDaddy.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
    06-04-18 06:31 PM
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    Tks for the reminder what a great feature that was.
    06-04-18 10:25 PM
  3. harvland's Avatar
    Tks for the reminder what a great feature that was.
    Yep! Love it! Definitely one of the many reasons I keep pulling out the Classic. However, there is bound to be workaround for the KEYone. Android is all about customization.
    06-04-18 11:08 PM
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    SOLVED - It looks like the only way to automagically send flagged Hub emails to the built-in Tasks app is to not use the built-in Tasks app. It just doesn't work like the BB10 Remember app. Here's what you need:

    Step 1. Use a MS Exchange Email - This only works with Exchange emails, so make sure the email(s) you are pairing are on Exchange servers. I changed my email accounts from IMAP to Exchange servers on GoDaddy today. Then added them to the Hub.

    Step 2. Use a Task app that supports ActiveSync - I installed a free Android app from the Google Play Store called Tasks & Notes created by UniqTec Inc.

    That's it! Now I have a pseudo Remember app with a Dark theme. Hope this helped someone.
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    06-05-18 01:22 PM

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