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    Ola chicas.

    I've just yesterday acquired this great K1 in Paris to replace my combo iPhone 7+ 256g and WhiteBerry Passport.

    Very complete now. (Keeping the iPhone 7+ as a "mini tablet" and selling me iPad)

    "Ghost Screen"

    I was using the phone, for the smoothest ride possible, and got distracted talking to someone.
    The moment I came back to the phone, I flicked up, and the ghost appeared.
    I now had "2 screens". One fixed screen showing what was showing on the screen when I stopped using it. And a second screen. The same as the other one but moving independently from his "ghost" brother.

    I did touch the screen coming back to the phone at the exact moment the auto-sleep/dimming activated...

    "Super Touch"

    I noticed that, when scrolling anything with the keyboard, I managed(?) to keep scrolling without actually touching it. It's a mix between not touching the keys and barely brush the corners of some keys. But several times I did not feel any contact but was close enough for it to be used.

    Anyone else ?

    To me these are non issues though since it's all a matter of getting used to the phone's shape.

    To Be Continued...
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    06-20-17 01:37 PM
  2. anon(9304963)'s Avatar

    Monday 19th, bought the unit mentioned above.
    Today, Friday 23rd, went back to the 🏪 to replace it : speaker 🔊 was horribly crackling and very low. My ears bled from it. The 📱 got super hot while calling or charging. Double tap to wake did not work. No 📶 at home even though other 📱 did... Very flawed unit.

    Today's unit : 99.9% of the phones works like a charm. 0.01% you ask? They are awarded to the CrackBerry official app that does not "auto-capitalize" while I write this continued post.

    The "super touch keyboard feeling" is still present but i guess it might be a sensitive parameter that i haven't found yet. Or my aura is just too 💪.

    To Be Continued...
    06-23-17 06:50 PM

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