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    In the same vein as the KEYone screen lift megathread, this thread will try to catalog people's experiences with resolving the KEYone fingerprint sensor issues.

    Working fingerprint sensor usually has two pulsing LED lights on the space bar.

    Different states of not working:

    - works on and off
    - fingerprint LED partially lights up, still kind of works
    - fingerprint LED doesn't light up altogether, doesn't work at all, "Fingerprint hardware not available."

    Possible fixes:

    - clean fingerprint sensor/spacebar with isopropyl alcohol
    - clean underneath the fingerprint sensor/spacebar with compressed air
    - 32 second reboot, which is holding down the power button for over 32 seconds and forcing the KEYone to reboot several times, then letting go of the power button for it to boot. This is non-destructive. No data is lost. This has worked for some.
    - uninstall apps to see if there's one that's the culprit. This will require remembering which apps were used and setting preferences for the apps again. No confirmation that this has worked for anyone.
    - test the fingerprint sensor using the Manufacturer test menu. Launch the Phone App, enter *#2886#, then select MANU. From here, FingerPrint sensor self test can be run. It should return fairly quickly, but if it doesn't, Fail to return to the menu. FingerPrintEnroll should register a fingerprint, but if it doesn't, Fail to return to the menu. FingerPrint Led should light up the fingerprint/spacebar LED's, but if not, Fail to return to the menu. It has been reported that even on working fingerprint sensors, the FingerPrint and FingerPrintEnroll tests will still fail, so the only worthwhile test may be the Fingerprint Led test. To exit, scroll all the way down and select Exit. This is non-destructive, just testing.
    - Factory Reset. This WILL destroy data and put the KEYone back to its original out-of-the-box state. Use backup tools to back up as much as possible, especially txt messages. Again, back up as much as you can. You'll need to reinstall apps and re-set all app logins and preference settings, unless you have a backup. To Factory Reset, launch the Phone App, enter *#2886#, then select MANU. From here, select Factory Reset and confirm. This will take a bit. Make sure your phone is plugged in or has plenty of power.
    - Replace with new keyboard hardware... from @the_boon in "keyboard in keyone." thread...


    "Just remove the back cover, remove the screws by the bottom and where that metal plate is, so that you can unplug the keyboard ribbon, and then remove the front glossy black chin of the phone, and then you'll be able to slowly pry out the defective keyboard.

    Reverse the process for reassembly.

    You do NOT need to remove the battery or motherboard to do this."

    I've not done this process myself, though prepping for it. The missing part of the video is which screws to unscrew, minimally to remove the keyboard.

    KEYone complete teardown, but useful to see how to disassemble the relevant components

    9:40-9:50 shows the keyboard ribbon, but since the motherboard has been removed, this will look different
    10:25-11:10 removal of glossy black chin
    11:11-15:25 removal of keyboard, which looks like there is some adhesive (see glove stuck to bottom of keyboard at 15:10)

    KEYone back removal and installation (3 videos available)

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    The ads on eBay for replacement keyboards seem to be of two varieties, replacement keyboards and replacement keyboard flex cable, though they all show the keyboard and the price point is similar. Anyone know if the flex cable ads are literally just the flex cable without the keyboard?

    Also, just to confirm, the keyboard hardware also includes the fingerprint sensor and it's not something that needs to be replaced on the main board as well?
    05-24-20 09:48 PM
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    I went ahead and ordered a "BlackBerry KEYone keyboard" from eBay. There are "various" sellers, though oddly, they all originate from Snellville, GA for $17.91/ea with free standard shipping. The PayPal payment goes to a string of Chinese characters, so I guess I'll see if it actually will ship from GA.
    Today 04:43 AM

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