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    Since KeyOne is all about efficiency and productivity, here is something that can speed up your day. It's called "All in One Gestures" and can be found in the Playstore. https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...os.aiogestures

    It allows you to setup shortcuts through gesture swipes, for example, a quick drag up from the right bottom corner opens up my notification panel. This is extremely useful for anyone who struggles to reach the very top of the phone. Gesture Control also allows you to open up any app from any screen, my hub can be accessed at all times simply by dragging from the left bottom corner of the screen etc. In order to get rid of the edge or corner lines created by the app, simply go into the edge preferences and increase the transparency of the lines.

    Textra from the Playstore is also great for texting on the KeyOne. The quick response field doesn't require you to touch the text field before typing out your message, the pkb is automatically picked up by the app, just type and hit enter on your pkb to send. Most text apps don't allow you to send a message using the physical enter key.

    My only issue with the KeyOne right now is the slow search for apps, both Google and Device Search struggle with this. In comparison, searching in the app drawer is extremely fast, simply open the drawer, start typing the name of the app, hit enter on your keyboard to open the top result, all without leaving the pkb. Wish we could program a pkb shortcut to open the app drawer instead of being limited to universal search.

    Post up your thoughts!
    06-05-17 10:17 AM

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