12-23-17 04:23 AM
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  1. TheDutch20's Avatar
    I actually couldn't find an earpiece size that would work for me. As a result, they just kept falling out, so needless to say, I don't really like these.
    Attached Thumbnails KEYone Earphones-10138.jpg  
    11-13-17 05:33 PM
  2. blackedout371's Avatar
    Hi. Anyone know where official keyone replacement headphones can be puchaced? Recently lost the first set. Reasonably priced replacements have been pretty poor in comparison to the stock keyone headphones.
    Same! I lost mine and I want to buy multiple pairs because I've never found such a nice balance of fit and sound quality. Great for longboarding when I don't want to risk wearing my PM-3s. I'm not an experienced audiophile but damn I really liked these.
    11-27-17 03:05 PM
  3. blackedout371's Avatar
    Hey, I contacted Blackberry Mobile customer support with the same question and they replied right away asking for my contact info, saying they will send me a replacement pair!
    11-27-17 04:28 PM
  4. Brai7's Avatar
    Wow thats good to know! I've been using the ones that came from the Passport. Thought they are good and fits my ear well. So I haven't really tried the ones that came with the KeyOne.
    11-28-17 09:19 AM
  5. CocaColaHatur's Avatar
    Just tried mine for the first time today and was googling about them after giving them a listen.

    Actually very surprised at the frequency response on these - a solid pair of earbuds; something I rarely, if ever, say.
    12-23-17 04:23 AM
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