08-22-17 04:08 PM
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  1. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    There is so much to celebrate about this fantastic device, in my opinion the best phone ever made.

    Lets have a positive place where we can all share our great feelings about the keyone and look forward to a long blackberry future.

    I'm not trying to backseat mod here, but mods, would it be possible to just have one thread just for those who love this device? There are countless other threads where people can vent their negativity.
    08-12-17 03:31 PM
  2. rhp525i's Avatar
    I second your thoughts. The phone, with a few minor faults, has been excellent for the past 2-1/2 months for me. enjoying it more every day!
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    08-12-17 05:04 PM
  3. falbo's Avatar
    Did someone say celebration? yeah I'll drink to that. Don't have a k1 yet but will pop open a beer anyway; -)
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    08-12-17 06:20 PM
  4. anon(10282003)'s Avatar
    It is the most aesthetically pleasing device out there in my opinion with no gimmicks and great feel. Not having a virtual keyboard popping up on the screen constantly is awesome.

    It is not without faults but it's pretty damn good for a mid tier phone.
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    08-12-17 06:58 PM
  5. RK_BB's Avatar
    Finally! What took so long??? There is no better way to type than on a keyboard, let alone a blackberry keyboard. Let's hope developing will continue! Can't wait to see key2 and so on...
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    08-12-17 07:30 PM
  6. Vaughn Mises's Avatar
    I cannot put into words how much I love my KEYone. I can see me using this device for the rest of my life.
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    08-12-17 08:13 PM
  7. Matthew Davis7's Avatar
    I'll let my "signature" speak for me.

    Sent from my BlackBerry KEYone - the most elegantly productive, secure and utterly satisfying mobile device
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    08-12-17 08:58 PM
  8. Xenolock's Avatar
    The KeyOne has got to be the most customizable phone ever. It can get ridiculous with Buttons Remapper. And it certainly doesn't look like any other phone out right now. I wasn't sold on the pictures but once I saw it in person I really appreciated the design aesthetic. Very impressed so far! If BlackBerry could add a universal notification settings system built into their launcher AndroidBerries could rival BB10's awesomeness. I have high hopes for the KeyOne. I also want to celebrate Keyboard Browser app, which is an absolute necessity imo, and which helped convince me (after a few years and many declined chances to switch) to finally leave my beloved Classic in the desk.
    08-12-17 09:07 PM
  9. qwerty4ever's Avatar
    Agreed the BlackBerry KEYone is very Boldesque which makes it a winner from a usability standpoint in addition to its heritage as a communications powerhouse. This smartphone has replaced my notebook computer for a lot of tasks. An increase in RAM to 6GB or 8GB combined with 128GB SSD and a hardware ESCape on the physical keyboard would really take this device to the next level for me. No regrets buying it on release day in Canada.
    08-12-17 10:10 PM
  10. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    Great to see the thread getting some traction.

    Negativity always seems to shout the loudest so I felt we needed our own megaphone.

    Without a doubt the best phone i have ever used. For me it boils down to the brilliant choice of components that add up to an experience that is greater than the sum of its parts.

    People miss the point when they talk about low specs. Its the way its all been blended that makes it so great. I think if it like this, you can have an american muscle car that has all the raw BHP in the world but cant put that power down when it comes to the track. Then you have the nissan GTR which doesnt have all that raw power but when it counts it is so much more effective round the track.

    Battery life, great keyboard, a fairly stock android, the great looks, the list goes on and on.

    Mine is a launch model and it hasnt skipped a beat in all the time iv had it.
    08-13-17 05:27 AM
  11. fairmarketvalue's Avatar
    I agree. Let's have positivity! IMHO, life would not be worth living without a KeyOne!
    08-13-17 07:56 AM
  12. ajwan's Avatar
    Love it; a no nonsense device.
    08-13-17 09:26 AM
  13. chain13's Avatar
    Yep. This phone need to be testified more.
    08-13-17 10:24 AM
  14. mrsimon's Avatar
    Once the teething probs are sorted, it'll be an option for many people looking for a PKB device. My interim K1 waiting in Spain phone: SJ7 2016 5.5 inch I picked up is working great. And it gives a clue as to why the specs on the K1 are about right.
    My SJ7 has 2GB ram and an octacore exynos 7870 procesor with an Amoled screen.
    I never have lag on apps even when I have 20 in the background. NOT games. My son plays games on it and doesn't have any complaints. My only complaint is with the 16gb internal storage. and the camera isn't tip top.
    The battery lasts 2 fulls days on normal use and runs cool except on game or gps usage.
    Therefore, with the K1 specs I'd be better off, especially if the black version specs reach Spain.
    The K1 price might reflect the PKB exclusivity. The sj7 cost 165 euros. A no brainer. And the K1 might want to look at it's pricing strategy
    It's a business adult oriented device and should be used and viewed as such. In that sense, the specs, functions and BB apps hit the right mark.

    I've demoed it and like it, so looking forward to finally buying it and being different.
    08-13-17 12:36 PM
  15. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Loving the long/short press keys! It's been great organizing my most used apps,contacts, function!
    08-13-17 12:48 PM
  16. Ecm's Avatar
    The OP has specifically asked for positive comments only. If you plan to say something negative here -- DON'T. There are a number of other threads for those who have issues with the KEYone to speak their minds.

    Negative comments will be considered as off topic and dealt with accordingly.
    See the Community Rules and Guidelines
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    08-13-17 04:27 PM
  17. oc6204's Avatar
    Great phone. Still customizing it... so many choices to try out. Very glad that I waited for the KeyOne. It was the only phone that caught my attention for a couple of years.
    08-13-17 07:56 PM
  18. canook's Avatar
    Amazing phone. I have not enjoyed a phone this much since the BB 9900. Absolutely love it.
    08-13-17 08:02 PM
  19. DolemiteDONS's Avatar
    Loving the long/short press keys! It's been great organizing my most used apps,contacts, function!
    Such a great feature!
    08-13-17 08:28 PM
  20. nglfmark's Avatar
    Excellent phone, love the PKB, the fantastic battery life and those shortcuts keys (Long and Short press). I can fly through the day with this phone.
    08-13-17 08:39 PM
  21. SK122387's Avatar
    I love my KEYone. I was at first skeptical of it being made by a manufacturer that wasn't BlackBerry, especially because I'd never really heard much about TCL.

    But the KEYone is a good example of how partnering with another company can be successful in terms of how the process soul of a product isn't lost along the way. The KEYone feels just as "BlackBerry" as any of the other BlackBerry phones I've had, which is pretty remarkable considering this is the first non-slider BlackBerry running Android.

    I couldn't be happier with the KEYone.
    08-13-17 10:57 PM
  22. scouts36's Avatar
    I bought mine from Amazon in late June. Though I am always afraid my screen will pop out. th device so far has benn great! Excellent PK, grat size, format. Impressive battery life! Good overall performance, zero lagging!
    Great to know that is TCL has managed to produce a "real Blackberry" devie!
    08-22-17 08:45 AM
  23. strikeIII's Avatar
    I've had mine since release and the K1 has been solid for me. Definitely would like to see a more high-end version and I'd consider it to be my primary device. Don't care for battery life, any power user like me can drain this battery or any standard device battery in a day. Just give me raw power and I'll deal with keeping charged up! 😉
    08-22-17 08:57 AM
  24. Cyprusberry's Avatar
    Great idea to start this thread! Had mine for 2 months and loving it. is it the best phone ever made? No, but what phone is? I say, enjoy your phone until it's time to move on :-)
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    08-22-17 09:42 AM
  25. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    Great idea to start this thread! Had mine for 2 months and loving it. is it the best phone ever made? No, but what phone is? I say, enjoy your phone until it's time to move on :-)
    I dread moving on unless it's a keytwo.

    Hooked on the pkb.
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    08-22-17 11:13 AM
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