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    Having a problem with my KeyOne BlackEdition (BBB100-2).

    I am most of the time on 3G only as 4G is not covered everywhere in my area so I can save battery on constant 4G connection attempts of the phone.

    However, I notice, the device is switching between H (HSDPA) and DC (DC-HSDPA) network about every 30 sec. The result is a poor internet connection. Especially when the screen is of in my pocket and I need to rely on the connection from my smart watch.

    Has anyone experienced similar issues? Or advice how to solve this?

    (Device is new. Got it as a Christmas present. First thing I did is an update to Oreo. Build is ABL693. So practically it is like a fresh reset.)
    02-03-19 06:15 PM
  2. HanzWurst's Avatar
    I think it even gets worse.

    Not even WhatsApp messages are going out now, when on 3G.
    It's a rather poor experience for a former high class phone.

    How can I turn off the DC connection?
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    02-05-19 01:51 PM
  3. HanzWurst's Avatar
    I disabled fast dormancy now by freezing "com.blackberry.cellular.fastdormancy" with island.

    network mode is still swapping now and then, but connection speed improved a bit. I can life with that.

    thank you for the great support
    02-06-19 02:01 PM

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