1. Clive Galway's Avatar
    This video says it all really...
    Notice how I reply to the same email from Alex Brown using the Gmail client and BB Hub.

    When using BB hub, it adds "Roger Swannell" as a recipient, even though he is not involved in this email conversation at all.
    BB Hub basically adds him as a recipient to all of my replies without asking.

    I cannot get support from BlackBerry on this, as their contact form will not accept submissions without an IMEI, and when I put the IMEI of my device into the form, it says that it is not a valid IMEI

    Very unimpressed with blackberry on this one - farming out your support to a 3rd party forum is lame.
    08-31-17 10:55 AM
  2. Clive Galway's Avatar
    I have worked out what the problem is.
    The "Roger Swannell" contact that it was adding somehow had MY email address as one of it's email addresses.

    I use Gmail to host my mail, but the true address of that account is <something>@gmail.com

    However, as I own the evilc.com domain, when I send email, I set the "reply to" address as my evilc.com address.
    So it seems that when I hit reply all in Hub, for some unknown reason it decides "Hey, I am not sending as an evilc.com address, and the email was sent TO an evilc.com address, so I should add that address as a recipient"

    Totally dumb, pointless logic - under what circumstances does it make sense to include the recipient of an email as a recipient of the reply??
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    08-31-17 02:16 PM
  3. LiamQ's Avatar
    In Hub, there are Reply and Reply All options. If you use Reply All, it replies to everyone in the To and Cc headers except for your own email address. Hub doesn't know that the address in the To header is yours--it could just as well be a mailing list, in which case Reply All should include that mailing list.

    If you use Reply instead of Reply All, then you should get the behaviour that you want.
    09-19-17 12:53 PM
  4. Clive Galway's Avatar
    Then why, when I use Reply All in Gmail for the exact same message, does Gmail get it right? Watch the screen recording!

    Besides, it's a stupid suggestion anyway - If I hit Reply All, then maybe I want to reply to everyone?
    09-19-17 12:56 PM
  5. Clive Galway's Avatar
    Furthermore, the email address in question is the "Reply To" address for that Gmail account, so it DOES have access to the information.

    It is adding an email address as a recipient, when that is the address it is sending as!
    09-19-17 12:58 PM

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