1. AhabSnake's Avatar
    Slightly disappointed with the back of the keyone. I assumed it was a grip design like the BB classic. Comparing the two, the bb classic textured material feels more textured and grips in the hands, where as the key one it's alot smoother and has the potential to slip out of the hands. Also wish the frame wasn't as rounded as it's super smooth. Now i might need to buy a case, was hoping to use the device in its naked form.
    08-14-17 10:49 PM
  2. j21jam6's Avatar
    A phone ring may be the answer for you. I've always gone naked with my previous BlackBerry's but for this phone I've bought several cases. In my desire to go naked I've just installed the Torras phone ring and it's exactly what I needed. Allows me to carry phone without a case while feeling totally secure. And besides that, as CBK said in his Spigen ring video I now wield my phone like a "phone ninja".
    08-14-17 11:09 PM
  3. SK122387's Avatar
    I agree that the Classic is more textured. The KEYone's back is more ... little holes or designs *in* the rubbery material, where as the Classic's back was thoroughly textured.

    If you're going to get a case, I recommend the OEM dual layer shell case. It fits perfectly, doesn't infringe on the keyboard along the sides, has a cool black BlackBerry logo on the back.

    I hate the Incipio Octane Pure case and returned it because just setting it on tables and things would cause scratches and scuffs to appear. The rubbery material of the dual shell case is smooth, which it sounds like you don't like, but I've had it for months and have yet to drop the phone due to the case being smooth.
    08-14-17 11:20 PM
  4. j21jam6's Avatar
    The BlackBerry dual layer case is my favorite so far. No complaints at all regarding that case. However, the KEYone is such a visually appealing phone I hate having to cover it up. If you want to go naked (phone) without the risk of dropping your phone, I'd recommend a phone ring and a liquid screen protector.
    08-14-17 11:39 PM

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