1. Luke Coughey's Avatar
    This dude ( ) did a speed and accuracy comparison of the touch screen keyboards of Apple and Samsung against the physical keyboard of a KeyONE and I think think that although the test was a great idea and with good intentions, his very obvious lack of knowing how to use the gestures of a BlackBerry Keyboard resulted in a bad representation of the KeyONE in my opinion.

    So, I beg CrackBerry Kevin to show a similar test, but with someone who is experienced with all the environments. I also suggest adding swiping, as well, both for Android and Blackberry (and Apple, if it is an option), to make it a more rounded test.
    09-22-17 04:21 PM
  2. Peach13's Avatar
    I've seen this video as well and that's exactly what I was thinking. He didn't use the swipe up-feature and therefore he was slower with the KeyOne. No fair test..😒
    09-23-17 08:01 AM
  3. Dino84's Avatar
    Speed is overrated. Control is underrated.
    It takes time getting used to a physical QWERTY keyboard. Its like going from T9 to touch screen.

    Once you get used to it, theres no going back.
    And especially for people like myself, that find it exhausting to rely on auto correct and constantly having to check that it behaves as intended.
    With a physical keyboard I can make sure that every press is intentional and 1:1

    I like it a lot.
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    09-23-17 08:34 AM
  4. IvanTheTolerable's Avatar
    To be fair not everyone uses the swipe up gestures on the Keyone. I personalized personally haven't ever.
    09-23-17 08:35 AM
  5. Smokeaire's Avatar
    I use the swipe up feature of my KEYᵒⁿᵉ every time I use it. There are many times I can swipe up a whole sentence thanks to the predictive feature as well. The two features make for efficient typing.
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    09-23-17 08:42 AM
  6. aluiziomachado's Avatar
    Its obvious that the advantage of the physical keyboard is not the speed. Thats why there are no notebooks with virtual keyboards.
    The problem is the same : why there arent any note with an screen instead of a keyboard ? You could have a very configurable and even an expandable screen if it was made. The type speed would be the same. What would be the difference ? A: the way you rest your hands over the keyboard at the time you are writing and thinking. The keyboard is a big laydown area for your hands , and you dont have to keep them "on the air" when you are not typing.
    As for a smartphone, on the virtual keyboard the thumbs must be "bend on the air" when you are thinking on the next word to type, and the device is holded not so firmly by 2 hands. On the keyone the device is holded by a balance pressure between tbumbs and other fingers, and you can rest your thumbs over the keyboard while you are thinking and writing.
    Indeed you can stay a very long time holding the keyone with 2 hands and typing sometime anything. Using iphone you only hold it with 2 hands to type, in a not so confortable and steady position to stay a very long time..
    09-24-17 10:01 AM

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