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    Not sure if I'm missing anything, but I cant find a shortcut for disabling location services. Or toggling on and off

    Would be really good if there was this feature!
    08-04-17 07:34 AM
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    Not sure if you are able to disable something like location services with a shortcut, I've included instructions for you anyway below as per Blackberry's own support page for the KEYone.

    How can I customize my keyboard shortcuts?

    You can change the shortcut assignment to a key or add a shortcut to a key.

    On the home screen, touch and hold an empty area of the screen, and then tap > Keyboard shortcuts.
    Tap Short press or Long press.
    Tap a letter. If necessary, tap Edit shortcut.

    To set a shortcut to open an app, tap Open app.
    To set a shortcut to call a contact, tap Speed dial.
    To set a shortcut to send an email or a text message to a contact, tap Send message.
    To set a different shortcut, tap All shortcuts.

    Tip: You can also assign a shortcut to an unassigned key by pressing the key while the home screen is showing.
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    08-04-17 07:50 AM
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    If this is what you looking for
    Attached Thumbnails Keyboard Shortcut for Location Services-notable-00010.jpg   Keyboard Shortcut for Location Services-notable-00011.jpg   Keyboard Shortcut for Location Services-notable-00012.jpg   Keyboard Shortcut for Location Services-notable-00013.jpg   Keyboard Shortcut for Location Services-notable-00014.jpg  

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    08-04-17 11:31 AM
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    If this is what you looking for
    That'll do me.

    Thank you!
    08-04-17 06:23 PM
  5. itsFirhan's Avatar
    That'll do me.

    Thank you!
    You're most welcome
    08-05-17 05:46 AM

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