1. Macdtek's Avatar
    Was out at night with my daughter looking for her first mobile. We went to car phone warehouse and while she looked at the various Samsung's and iPhones ( never going to happen) I noticed they had a key one you can actually touch and play with. Got to say I like it.......alot. I'd never be able to get it past the wife as I've bought my dtek 60 only on Dec 2016. But man it felt superb to hod and use in the classic two hand way. Great screen. I didn't even notice it smaller size. Keyboard, great feel and I now know what they mean about the responsive-ness of it.

    But as said UK, carphone ware house has the key one hold and play with, unlocked as well.
    06-09-17 01:45 PM
  2. kbfynn's Avatar
    I had the Dtek60 for two months. Keyone arrived here in SA on monday. much better than the dtek in my opinion.
    06-09-17 02:00 PM

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