1. gqmovement's Avatar
    Hey guys,

    So my screen finally gave out and going into the carrier store to have it fixed.
    I assumed it would have to be shipped out to be fixed, but one of the store clerks said x2 of the stores do the fix in store.

    When you've taken your phone in, did they just fix and hand back or did you receive a new device?

    As I've got mine unlocked, I'd really like to avoid paying for another unlock code. Only way I can go with that is IF they fix it in store. If they send out for repair, would they boot the phone and insert a sim? Or just boot the phone to see that screen is responding in all areas, working, etc..?

    When I first noticed the detach it was the top right corner and the ride side started to give out. Friday night when I took it out of the case, the whole screen came off and was only held by the ribbon.

    Debate is now: fix on spot, save on time, save on unlock code, but carry the minor bump and bruise right now.

    Or have it sent and try to push for a new K1? But got to wait atleast a week and then pay again for the unlock.

    What have you guys currently encountered?

    08-09-17 02:14 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    This might depend on your market... where are you and what carrier?

    I would think it's more likely you would get a refurbished phone than your actual phone back. As for in house repairs, haven't heard of BlackBerry Mobile authorizing that.... not saying it isn't possible to be done in the field, just that most carrier's don't do in store repairs - at least not in the USA.
    08-09-17 02:55 PM
  3. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I'm with Rogers Wireless and got my replacement yesterday, it only took about a week! I called around and you can just bring your phone into a level 1 repair centre where they can reseal your screen! it costs about 50$ anyways so if that's a concern u may do otherwise! I got a brand new phone and not a refurbished model! I think they took he devices from first batch and just re-sealed them! my screen and device is fine!!!
    08-09-17 03:20 PM
  4. gqmovement's Avatar
    Canada, with Bell.

    Yeah that's what I figured, but when calling the rep he said there's 2 location that fix on site. If I visit his store, or a few surrounding, they will take the phone and ship it to their offsite techs (about 40 min from me) to repair and will call back once ready.

    That's the item - will they just reseal the screen or issue a new phone due to the first batch, or give a refurb? I'd rather know upfront what the case is, and I shouldn't have to pay as I'm in the 1 year warranty (about 35 days with the phone), and not a damage outside of the norm - everyone knows & BBM has made everyone aware.

    Just hoping now I don't get a refurb
    08-09-17 04:14 PM
  5. gqmovement's Avatar
    How come you had to pay for it?

    This is the item, Bell never made a mention of cost. When I first went into store they just asked if I'm with Bell and asked for receipt.

    How sure are you that it's not a refurb btw? Invoice or did they just mention it?

    08-09-17 04:15 PM

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