1. HPMum's Avatar
    For the last 2 weeks I have not been able to send emails via mobile data - only via wi-fi.
    I can receive emails ok via mobile data
    And I can access internet using mobile data

    Spoken to server (plusnet) and looked at the incoming and outgoing server settings:

    email address = my email address
    username = my email address
    authentication - none
    server - imap.plus.net
    Port - 143
    No Security

    smtp server - relay.plus.net
    Port - 25
    Security - none

    I have spent hours today trying to get phone to work and it just won't send emails using mobile data

    Any ideas?
    10-31-19 05:35 PM
  2. HPMum's Avatar
    anyone any ideas what i need to do to get my emails working? So annoying that i cant send emails unless on wifi
    11-01-19 08:49 AM
  3. nevilleadaniels's Avatar
    In may have restricted data usage for an email app.
    Bring down the top menu and click the cog wheel.
    Type in the search box
    " mobile data usage"
    Click on mobile data usage

    Tunnel down the next screen to you see inbox check that it is enabled for data and that the button is green. Then look back up for hub and services and check that the data button is green
    11-01-19 08:59 AM
  4. bh7171's Avatar
    I know this might sound simple but ensure all your apps are up to date. My mother in law was having issues similar with the Blackberry HUB Suite and Inbox on her S7 Edge. I checked the PlayStore and sure enough she had not updated. We did so and all of resumed working as usual.
    11-01-19 10:12 AM
  5. RLeeSimon's Avatar
    my hub and 8 associated apps are all rolled back to stock and all work fine... and hub has interlaced calls and texts too !!
    11-01-19 02:09 PM
  6. marshalla99's Avatar
    which mobile network? they probably have a block on SMTP via anything except their own servers.
    11-11-19 04:59 AM

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