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    I've bought the keyone maybe a week after it came out. I did not have the issues finding one that I had read about. Got on bestbuy hit purchase. Got the phone couple of days later and was extremely impressed. I proceeded to drop that phone approximately 15 times on concrete, dirt, etc.... So the phone was pretty tough and I was not experiencing "screen separation" .Finally I kicked it out of my truck and shattered the screen. After pissing and moaning for a couple of days about being a dumb azz I call the number provided on crackberry for repairs. There was a repair center 60 miles from my house. Mailed it off. They called me to say this was not an warranty issue and I said your right it was a dunbazz issue. They told me send 125 and the would repair it. Done. I received a brand new phone. Not sure why but not going to *****. All of this took approximately 5 days and the whole time I had an assign Customer service rep that emailed me with updates and answered questions. All in all I was very impressed and satisfied with the custom service. I've not seen to many with my experience, everything going pretty damn good. Love the keyone. Have a good one.
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    10-22-17 12:55 PM
  2. ctc4793's Avatar
    Dropped my once after owning it two weeks. Screen shattered. Mailed it away, paid the 125 and waited...and waited...and waited. A month and a half later it was repaired and returned, except that the microphone no longer worked. Thankfully I was sent a new one.
    10-23-17 08:04 AM

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