06-06-17 11:25 PM
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  1. pythons's Avatar
    It'll be a sellout because there probably won't be many to be sold to begin with.

    I hope to get one, but Shop BlackBerry/Digital River has been such a disaster when it came to my Passport(s), Z30, and blue Classic, I'm wary of buying from them again.

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    I'm afraid you nailed it there - it's only a sell out because there were hardly any to sell. Amazon says 1 to 2 month BEFORE shipping which means TCL was being VERY cautious. They are probably excited at the interest in the Keyone and frantically trying to "slap a bunch of them together now". Hopefully we don't see the build quality take a dive from the Mfg. building them faster than they should.

    By September of this year anyone who wants one should be able to get one.
    06-06-17 11:07 PM
  2. NightFire's Avatar
    Frankly, I understand the frustration about not being able to procure a device at launch. But frankly (again), I understand the hesitation on TCL's part, as well. As much as I love BlackBerry, it's become a niche device. I can understand the desire of a company (which like any other) is in the business to make money. Were pre-orders taken into account? Who knows? We also have no way of knowing how many opportunists were out there.

    I hope those that desire the device can purchase one soon. I hope even more that BlackBerry (in whatever form) continues to gain steam.

    Regardless, I am pleased with the product (thus far--haven't made the full switch). My own device (anyway) meets my needs. I hope at the same time that the company is reading these threads to correct QC issues.

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    06-06-17 11:25 PM
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