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    Before we begin on dwelling on the list of issues I've run into with my KeyOne. I'd like to say this is a beautiful device and I hope that the black version is released in Canada soon because that extra GB of RAM I feel is so key for this device.

    If anyone else is running into the same or similar problems, I highly urge you to respond to this thread so I know I'm not alone.

    I've used this device for just a bit over a month now and here are the following issues I've run into.

    1. Initial setup
    I purchased this device second hand and the seller had factory reset the device. When I set it up I ran into issues within the android os killing the battery life. I didn't even get a full day worth of charge on this device.
    Apps wouldn't respond and many wouldn't even open. I ran into this issue when installing Kijiji. Apps like snapchat crashed consistently.
    Sluggish performance, I've never used a android device this slow before. Coming from a long background of Android devices.

    All these issues were resolved by factory resetting the device and setting it up again. Inconvenient but mandatory as the device was barely usable as is.

    2. Screen delay after inputting fingerprint sensor
    This is currently happening to my device. Sometimes when I put my finger on the sensor it takes 5 seconds.. Yes 5 seconds for the screen to appear unlocked.
    I've removed my fingerprints and re-added but was short lived as the issue has returned.
    Before this bug happened my device would unlock immediately, faster than any other fingerprint unlocked device I've used.

    3. Not enough RAM. Poor multi tasking
    BlackBerry is suppose to be a workhorse, yet here I am clearing my multi tasking every time I have more than 5 Apps open in the background. Device gets sluggish and delays in the touch buttons above the keyboard when there is too much going on. Hence why I hope the black version gets released to Canada.
    I've also ran into an issue with google maps after 2 hours worth of driving, the whole phone goes into brick mode where the map fails to update in real time, multi tasking button takes 7 seconds to pop up and there are significant delays in closing Apps.
    I've made sure the only Apps open are spotify and google maps, yet the device craps out after a prolonged period of time.

    4. Camera quality is lacking
    This device has issues when the ISO is above 1000 or so you get the experience of a entry level android camera. It feels as if the camera is shooting at 10 fps and there is massive motion blur. Whereas the ISO being lower has the camera looking smooth.
    Focus is lacking as well, in snapchat the camera is constantly trying to focus and failing as it keeps refocusing on the subject.

    5. Buttons
    The layout is bad. My hand naturally presses the convenience key when one handed typing or when picking up the device, thus I have this key setup to do nothing. The lock button is a bit too high up and I've found the volume keys are sticky and provide very little feedback when clicking down.

    I'd like to hear about your experiences with the following points!
    09-13-17 11:52 AM
  2. anon(4297019)'s Avatar
    Getting a Black KEYᵒⁿᵉ will not solve issues 4&5. Issue 1 is fixed. Edit your post removing issues 1,4, and 5 and maybe you'll get more attention.

    Personally I have had no issues as such you have described.
    09-13-17 06:32 PM
  3. batbulot's Avatar
    Hi ! It's been a few days since I have the same problem of screen delay. I have my K1 since 2 monthes, and all was all right. Suddenly, but not every time, there is this screen delay....
    09-15-17 09:43 AM

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