1. anon(6088612)'s Avatar
    Is it still a thing that you need to charge the battery to 100% when you first get it, then let it drain all the way to zero before the second?

    Whats the initial charging protocol on this thing?

    06-15-17 01:57 PM
  2. jakie55's Avatar
    If I recall correctly, the new lithium batteries should not be discharged to zero, but are better served taking small charges, throughout the day. The advantage of the KEYone is that the battery life is so good that daily use will not seriously deplete the battery.
    06-15-17 02:09 PM
  3. BB-JAM215's Avatar
    We left complicated charging instructions behind with the old Ni-Cad and Ni-MH batteries. Just don't ignore the low battery warnings and you'll be fine.
    06-15-17 03:58 PM
  4. Resilience's Avatar
    I top it off before it hits 15%
    06-15-17 06:08 PM

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