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    Greetings, BlackBerry community. Following up from my previous video reviews of the Incipio DualPro and NGP cases, I’m here to complete the three-piece set with the Octane Pure! In the world of KeyOne cases at this point, Incipio is holding a pretty solid position with a trifecta of options for your phone using pleasure. First, the DualPro is rated as the most protective of the three options, with its two-layers of support and 12ft drop protection. Second, the NGP is a bit of a compromise on total protection, but offers a cool translucent unibody design, with 3ft of drop protection. Falling squarely in the middle of the tribe, is the new Octane Pure, which compliments the aesthetics of the device by offering an unencumbered view of the beauty that is the KeyOne. It’s clear, through and through, and offers a modest amount of protection due to its shock-absorbing bumper, which provides 6ft of drop protection.
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100810_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100818_1024.jpg

    Look: The Octane Pure comes in two colors: clear and black. The color description is a bit misleading, because both of the cases are clear. However, the clear case is completely clear, and the black version has a smoky black colored bumper all the way around the edges of the phone.

    If you like the way that the KeyOne looks and don’t want to mess up the sharp looks and craftsmanship of the phone, then this is the Incipio case for you. It does offer modest protection, and it is a little bulky, but it’s clear as glass, and it definitely shows off the unique look of the KeyOne. The only obstructed view of the device is from the edges if you get the black version. The clear version is clear throughout, but the black version has a smoke colored hue (black) around the entire bumper of the phone, which will hide the silver finish underneath the case. Other than that, the backside of the case allows you to view the KeyOne in all its glory. However, after a few minutes of using the Octane Pure, you’ll see that you need to either have a cloth handy, or a way to wipe off the case because it is a fingerprint magnet. I am a bit OCD when it comes to the screen and aesthetics of my phones, so I found myself cleaning it quite often. However, your mileage may vary (YMMV – in case anyone was wondering what this acronym means out on the internet)

    Feel: The case itself is sturdy, a bit rigid, and the most bulky of all three of the cases. It does offer great protection for the device, with the added shock-absorbing bumper, which surrounds the entire phone on the edges and the ends. The material that Incipio used is scratch resistant, and you can feel it in the density and quality of the material used. The protection that's built into this case is excellent for device protection, but it does leave the buttons feeling a bit difficult to press and it takes a little bit of getting used to. I won’t say that this is bad, because it inherently isn’t, but it does make the device a little more bulky than its natural form factor, and slightly more cumbersome. Honestly though, I will say that out of all three of the cases, I felt the most secure carrying my KeyOne in this case, because of its sturdy and protective bumpers – it’s just not my personal style. If you’ve read my previous reviews, you’ll know that I prefer a more minimalistic style in the cases that I generally use.
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100947_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100952_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100958_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_101003_1024.jpg

    Texture: The texture of the case is probably the most slick of all three of the cases. It’s not slippery, but the rigid nature of the material, combined with a lack of texture on the back of the phone means that it is more prone to slip and slide than either the NGP or the DualPro, but it’s about on par with the natural feel of the device. Although the KeyOne has a rubberized texture on the back of the device, it’s not particularly grabby, and that translates over to the Octane Pure as well. The overall feel of this case is smooth, but it isn’t as much of a compromise as keeping the phone bare. After all, the bumpers are excellent for protection, and you’re safe up to 6ft.
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_102808_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_102833_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_102847_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_102852_1024.jpg
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_102917_1024.jpg

    Summary: Overall, the case is very functional, provides quality protection and does the best job at showing off the beauty and design of the phone. Of course, there are compromises because of the blacked-out sides, and the thickness of the case, but where you’re sacrificing on aesthetics, you’re making up for in security. But, in the grand scheme of things, there are different cases for different reasons, and different occasions. Everybody is different. It’s all about what you’re looking for in a device, and what level of protection, or the look and appeal of your phone that you’re trying to maintain. If you’re looking for solid protection with a snazzy look that shows off your phone, and keeps it safe, then this the case for you. If you’re looking for a minimalistic style case that doesn’t take away from the natural form factor, then the NGP or the DualPro may be right for you.
    Incipio Octane Pure case review for the BlackBerry KEYone-thumb_20170621_100936_1024.jpg

    If you’re interested in purchasing the Incipio Octane Pure, you can find it at https://www.incipio.com/cases/smartp...-one-case.html, as well as on Amazon. The current price is $29.99, and Incipio is offering free shipping in the U.S., if you order from their website. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.
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