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    OK. So, went to Selfridges and got one of the Black Edition ones. £550 isn't an easy pill to swallow but there isn't anything else out there with a decent keyboard.

    Anyways. Onto the first impressions:

    * Feels good.
    * Keyboard feels OK for now. Will need to get used to it (happens with every BB, different size, pressure feel, etc)
    * On a note related to swiping up with the keyboard (bottom row of keys to upper row of keys to scroll down on a websitte, for example) is that it doesn't feel the same as the Priv. Main culprit here is that the bottom row where the spacebar is at is not capacitive like the other three, so you have the impression that the keyboard swipe is not responsive. So, what you need to do is to focus on the top three rows and then it works. On that same note, however, it would be good if the sensitivity could be adjusted by the user. Because you are losing one row of keys to swipe, you should be able to make the other three a bit more sensitive.
    * Performance, so far, is way ahead of the Priv, especially when switching between apps. Whether this will remain to be case after a year, I don't know. I will do a reset on the Priv to see if I can improve the lag.
    * Blackberry's data transfer app is OK. However, when transferring photos, you wish that they would be placed in the equivalent folders as the previous Android phone. For example, when you open the Photos App, you see the photos you took with the camera. After the transfer, all images from the previous phone (including those shared or received via whatsapp or instagram) are placed in another folder so you need to look for them by tapping on the "Device Folders" option in the Photos App. You can re-organise these later on and place them in the folder where they should be but this strikes me as a simple thing that should have been easily implemented in the first place.
    * If you have a "contacts only" account (from an online providers like yahoo, gmail, outlook, etc) and that is synced with your phone....DO NOT transfer Contacts in the application. They will become duplicates once you set up that Contact account and it syncs. Data Transfer will aggregate all of your synced contacts and place them under the "Contacts from Device" category. You will have duplicates.
    * Speaker is OK. It is a bit less loud that the Priv's speakers but it seems to work best for dialogue audio rather than music/film.. If you watch a video of someone talking, it will sound very clear. If you listen to music, it will feel lacking but OK.
    * Screen viewing angle is nowhere near as good as Priv. Gamma changes happen quickly. I have suspected this because IPS, while better than TN and PVA screens, it is not as great as OLED (or AMOLED) screens.
    * Genuine real estate and resolution are conflictive in Priv but very manageable in Keyone. What do I mean about this? Lesser DPI in Keyone screen but I can fit as much information (if not a bit more) per horizontal value (say, 1080 dots in portrait mode) than in the Prive because the Priv lacks the "Screen Size" option and only deals with "Font Size" to resize elements in the screeen and have "more elements per physical square mm" than the Priv. A scaling issue I found with Lightroom on a sample Keyone at the store is easily solved by using the screen size scaling option. Excellent news here. Really. It allows the phone pack so much more data in the screen, almost going Passport like.

    Will report on battery life once I have enough perspective on it. Feel and build seem good. Spacebar mushy-left-side is a smears some lack of foresight in the design team's decisions. This appears to be a feature of the phone itself so I won't be complaiing about that. I'd just like to note that since a PKB is about tactile feedback and feel, the spacebar action could have been equalized on both extreme sides (L v R) for some that may press the spacebar at the edges instead of the centre or the right.
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    10-14-17 11:05 AM
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    Not even a question. I cant even touch my priv anymore. Keyone blows it out of the water in every way so far. Dont hesitate. especially if u can get the 4gb version. Im constantly at 3.2gb ram usage.
    I agree with you completely. KEYone is much better than Priv. It absolutely blows Priv out of the water in my opinion as well.
    10-15-17 07:39 PM
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