1. Adrian Vogler1's Avatar
    I am desperately trying to get iMindMap app to run on my BB KEYone.
    The app launches, but since it was developed for Android 2.2 there do seem to be some comaptibility issues.

    I already contacted the app support, but they tod me:
    We did not have chance to test it on BlackBerry Keyone that you have as it was newly released but I have passed all feedback and information to our development team for investigation.

    As I have a German version of Android running on my KEYone I couldn't make a lot out of the instructions the support based "on a Samasung phone". Maybe a nother KEYone user can "translate" this to the KEYone menu items ans settings:

    Here follow the instructions I couldn't transfer to the KEYone settings:
    Settings>Accessibility>Dexterity and Interaction>Assistant Menu

    Or as a complete mail below.

    Best, Adrian

    ThinkBuzan Team (ThinkBuzan Support)
    19 Jun, 23:54 SST
    Hi Adrian,
    Thank you for your email.
    There are 4 options how to open menu in our app which are:
    1. press the grey big circle with 3 small dots and click on it, then you will be able to see sync option
    2. press and hold the back/tasks button ( on the right side of the main menu button) on your device and then you should see the menu
    3. press the square icon and hold it to see menu
    4. in some Samsungs Galaxy devices user needs to enable:
    Settings>Accessibility>Dexterity and Interaction>Assistant Menu
    Which will give a set of soft buttons, one of which is ""More Options"" or Menu.
    In regards to not being able to see maps, when app is installed map to be seen needs to be synced manually for which it is required to be able to see menu.
    I hope this helps, if you have any other questions please don't hesitate to ask.
    Kind regards,
    06-20-17 10:45 AM
  2. coffee-turtle's Avatar
    Did the developer give any indication that they will be updating their app now? It might be a problem across the board on all Nougat devices.
    06-20-17 12:54 PM
  3. Adrian Vogler1's Avatar
    If I can provide an answer to them, then maybe.

    If I cannot provide an answer to them, that they are IN NEED to fix this for the Android community, I think it will be lke this reply on PlayStore back from
    Johnny Rush - Funktioniert nicht. Leider wird die App auch nicht weiter entwickelt, die letzte Aktualisierung war im Jahr 2013
    Peter Busch September 2014
    Samsung S5 Leider funktioniert dieses geniale App auf dem S5 nicht. Ist ja nicht das älteste Smartphone ..
    Which was: No reaction (see latest update)
    06-20-17 01:40 PM

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