09-01-19 04:51 PM
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  1. emanuel0ss0's Avatar
    I have the K1 Black Edition which I highly recommend. The keyboard is a little cramped, but you will get used to it fast.

    I haven't been using it as much as I would like since I have an iPhone for work, but it's still a beast. I just fired it up for updates and I'm so tempted to put the SIM card in and keep it moving.
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    08-25-19 08:14 AM
  2. oneian's Avatar
    I have KeyOne Black edition, and it's fantastic. battery life is ace, easily 2 days. It's a strong work horse. love it.
    08-31-19 06:20 AM
  3. oneian's Avatar
    Hope you make the switch and put a SIM card in. My note is collecting dust. The black edition, on the other hand.......is a daily.
    08-31-19 06:21 AM
  4. olee2222's Avatar
    If money is an issue, I would go with the KeyOne 4GB 64 GB Dual Sim. The 3GB versions run out of memory very fast, and app loading will be slow.

    If you have a bit more budget, then go for the Key2, it is just so much better.

    However, unfortunately even the Key2 is not a very good price / performance ratio.

    I would not consider the 64 GB Key2, as I ran out of space very fast if I make a bit more photos, video, download offline video from Youtube, Music and so. I wouldn't say 128 GB is a must, but 64 GB gets small fast. But you can get buy, if you want.

    The SD card is a compromise, because it cannot be used in Dual Sim.

    For the same price, you can also get a OnePlus 7, with BLAZINGLY FAST speeds - app launching is really blinking instantenous, everything is just so fast on the OnePlus phones.
    You can also get a Samsung 10e, with a fantastic camera, and beautiful screen, fast charging, and so on.

    All in all, the Key2 only offers the keyboard, otherwise even 300 Euro phones outperform it easily in Sep 2019.

    It is usable though, but not great.

    I have the OnePlus 6, and the KeyOne 4 GB 64 GB - and doing things on the KeyOne is like waiting for a snail.
    I enjoy more or less the physical keyboard, but actually I type faster on the OnePlus phone. And I just get done things faster.

    For example, if I want to look up something on Google Maps, I have already finished my task on the OnePlus, when the KeyOne is still finishing loading the content.

    To respond to work e-mail, I have already sent the message on my OnePlus phone, when with the KeyOne I am still in the middle of the message typing in what I want, because launching the e-mail app is slower, looking up the e-mail is slower, opening up the writing window is slower.

    One can say the battey of the BB lasts longer - which is not necessarily true. If I am in a lower coverage area, actually the older modems of the BB drain the battery faster, and often cannot get a singal, when my OnePlus or my wife's Samsung S7edge connects without problems.

    Then, I can charge up my OnePlus really fast, I have a small powerbank with dash charging, and I have an USB-C cradle both at work at home, so it is always fully charged when I leave the desk.

    The biggest issue for me with the BB phones is the software updates. They are still only on Android 8.1.0, which is crazy old, when Android 10 is just appearing on new devices. Security updates are so-so, depending on exactly what hardware version you have, you might get it, or not. My own KeyOne is officially stuck on the Jan 2019 security update (in Sep 2019).

    I have updated it manually, but it was almost a full day, to download all the software, go through the forum posts about how to do it, back up manually all content from my phone, installing the update, and then reinstalling and restoring everything.
    09-01-19 04:51 PM
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