1. bcjci's Avatar
    Got a bunch of updates today - actually, all apps in my K1. After the update, color-coded LED notifications of Hub messages no longer work.

    It used to be that the LED notification is set to the color assigned to the account.

    With the current version, all notifications are set to white LED.
    01-23-19 06:50 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Unfortunately, Google made changes in how LED's notifications work and the option to set them only occurs upon initial setup.
    01-23-19 07:05 PM
  3. bcjci's Avatar
    01-24-19 03:07 AM
  4. bcjci's Avatar
    An update... If you're planning bring back your LED settings by removing and reinstating you email accounts in Hub, take note of any custom alerts you've set up previously and make sure that you use the exact same name when you set them up again. Otherwise, you'll clutter the Android notification settings for Hub with orphaned profiles - which is what happened with me.

    Problem is, I haven't found any way to get rid of those orphan profiles. So I would appreciate it if you post a way to clear them up. I've tried recreating them in Hub, after I've reinstated my email accounts. Then I deleted them. No dice. Restarted K1. Still no effect.
    01-24-19 05:07 PM

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