1. R1945's Avatar
    Wondering why when I send an email from my desktop or other PC the sent email is not showing up on the BB HUB. The HUB is set for syncing but is not showing any of the sent emails from the IMAP server.

    This is good because I do not get lot's of sent emails but it would be nice if I at least was able to see recent sent emails on the HUB.

    How does this work?

    Also when I delete a email from the HUB and Server it removes the email from the HUB forever, but not from the server. Is there a BB HUB server somewhere?

    06-23-18 06:35 PM
  2. sandyhois's Avatar
    Under Hub settings for each account is an option to configure the email folders that are synced. For my outlook account, a sent folder may be synced.
    06-24-18 05:33 AM

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