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    HI all,

    Still dialing in the CDMA KEYone I rec'd fr Amazon - I've really only had time over the last 3~4 days, even though I rec'd it 9 days ago - I know right?

    Anyways, I've a few nagging things. First of all, adding accounts is a little different on Blackberry Android - you sign into Google, and your Gmail is automatically up & running, including contacts, calendar etc. Adding an Office365 Active Exchange account less obvious. Seems you can add it, but need to then manually add to HUB+, which BTW is a battery-drainer. Unless my settings are off.

    Then there's the Productivity Tab, which has so few customization options, it's quite sad.

    So, I've taken to trying to revert to the "old BBOS" keyboard shortcuts, which I have to say is moderately provisioned for in Blackberry's "securitized" Nougat Android OS loaded in the K1.

    As we were used to in BBOS, email accounts show as separate icons, which you tap to enter / open immediately. Except for Gmail of course, which is part of the all-pervasive Google Account (a little scary if you ask me). What I can't seem to find is a way of linking an exchange email account to a keyboard shortcut. Heck, it offers options for almost everything else.

    Which brings me back to the original issue - HUB+ SUX. There's no regular HUB - you have to upgrade to HUB+ for the Contacts app to even open......seriously?!

    Has anyone experienced similar issues, have workarounds, or even some advice on how to manage this. It's such a shame, because, at the end of the day, Blackberries are communication devices, for business users. Sure, Android Pay, Curb, they're all great. But if I can't effectively - by that, I mean BBOS / BB10's amazing ability to handle multiple communication accounts and types, be they work outlook, personal gmail, facebook/meesenger, linkedin or whatsapp, whatever - then one of the singular differences that keep us, well me anyway, loyal (besides the PKB) is starting to lose coherence.

    OK, off my soap box. But seriously, I do mean for this thread to be an ongoing one about this particular aspect of the K1 & RIM's Android deployment. And as always, given the chance I've just written a small discourse on something that's already been hashed out on another thread, please forgive me, and point me toward it.

    Thanks all.

    06-25-17 10:08 PM

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