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    Funny camera thing happened today. We were driving from lunch to a museum. There's this steady jackhammer sound and Tracy asks if there's something wrong with my car. I rev the engine, stop at a light and the jackhammer seems to have followed us. Finally comes the dawn. KeyOne camera is firing away in my pocket and we are hearing the shutter release, over and over and over and.... well, I have about 300 BLACK images!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I keep the phone in a Stilgut Flip case. So the cover could be the issue, pressing on the spacebar. The phone has been 32+ second rebooted for other reasons and it does not change the errant photo issue. If I leave the camera app open and just put the phone away it will snap pictures. It has happened on a number of hiking trips. I would like to disable to the spacebar as a shutter release button.

    I seriously don't remember this happening in the past if I put the phone away while the camera app was still open. Now it happens regularly although, not 300 images.

    I have locker mode off in the camera. But since the case is closed, I'm not sure what is being interpreted as a shutter click. I also have another 38 of the floor of the museum as I walked between exhibits and it took pictures (I had silenced the shutter while walking in the museum.)

    Ideas? Other than memory improvement aids to remember to close the camera app.
    06-02-18 01:32 PM
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    Check you volume key action in the camera settings. It can be mapped to capture, zoom or volume.
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    06-02-18 02:10 PM

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