1. chryscrash's Avatar
    I have had my KeyOne for over a year now. its a bit laggy from time to time but i deal cause i really don't care. Over the past few days the screen has been going haywire. when iI am in the Hub or on a website it is jumping up and down and scrolling all over. It looks like it's shaking. when i close the apps the screen will also start to swipe left and right as well. the phone is sitting on the desk. no one is touching it and it will do crazy things. i can't decide whether its the screen or somehow a gliche in the keyboard that keeps thinking i am swiping or scrolling. If i reboot it will stop but will generally return within 24 hours. Has anyone experienced this. And the phone has NOT come into contact with water or been dropped.
    08-28-18 10:57 AM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Could be a number of things.. keyboard could have dirt/dust in it, display cable may be loose, sensors could be dead or dying, could even just be a poorly coded app messing things up. Try a factory reset and see how it handles things with the basics loaded.
    08-28-18 11:06 AM
  3. bbone99's Avatar
    maybe try to disable trackpad function of the keyboard, this may help to identify the problem better
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    08-28-18 01:44 PM

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