1. yossiavgay's Avatar
    Got my screen detached called B.B. last week and they promised a replacement keyone will be sent ASAP. Emailed them after a week and they replied that they are dealing with it. Is it normal? How can I speed it up?
    09-20-17 07:52 PM
  2. dxvigne's Avatar
    I had to return mine through Bell, it took about 10 business days; Bell provided me a tracking number; I could follow the progress status of the repair on their website. in the end they gave me a replacement device. so, if you have a tracking # you should be able to know the status. other than that I don't think you can influence the speed.
    09-20-17 11:36 PM
  3. rocker_man1's Avatar
    I had to have mine replaced due to a dead speaker for phone calls and a loose screen. I am in Canada and set it up with BlackBerry Mobile myself as Rogers didn't know what to do. they said 10 business days but it was in my hands in 5 or 6.
    09-21-17 03:22 AM
  4. rocker_man1's Avatar
    I had to send mine away and it was 5 to 6 days
    09-21-17 03:24 AM
  5. Al moon's Avatar
    Im in the states but after my initial screen lift replacement went ok got a replacement in about a week but now the refurb they sent me is working terrible , signal cuts in and out and the bluetooth is awful. After contacting them about a week or more ago i havent heard from them since makes me feel like they are giving me the runaround i can say that customer service is bad real bad.
    09-21-17 10:05 AM

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