1. Fizzarotti's Avatar
    I am moving from BB Q5 to Keyone. I have opened a Google account and followed all the transfer steps. Unfortunately, BB Transfer only transfers the month of december (current month). I have synced my Q5 with Outlook, then exported Outlook calendar to a .ics files and imported the file in my newly created Google Calendar. Worked well except that the calendar sync between Google Calendar and my Keyone only synchronizes the last 12 months. I badly need all previous years on my Keyone. Can anyone help?
    12-18-17 05:27 AM
  2. nimra's Avatar
    it seems this is not possible - also would like to have a solution to this!
    12-20-17 05:48 PM
  3. bb10adopter111's Avatar
    This stuff drives me nuts. The business analysts who write requirements for mobile apps seem to pull requirements out of their butts sometimes.

    Posted with my trusty Z10
    12-20-17 05:53 PM
  4. Fizzarotti's Avatar
    I have been in contact with BB Support in Europe (where I live) they have been very active and avised me to connect to an on-line Outlook account, sync my Q5 wirelessly with it and then add this account to my Keyone where the calendar should then be synced in BBHub+. I have done it but the outcome is worse as only the last 6 months have been uploaded to the Keyone instead f last twelve with Google.....
    01-08-18 03:10 AM
  5. Fizzarotti's Avatar
    Seems like I found a solution. This requires an Outlook on-line account and Outlook installed on your PC.
    First sync BB10 device with Outlook on PC for both Calendar and Contacts using BBLink. If Outlook on PC is set up to automatically synch with the Outlook on-line account, Contacts and Calendar items will appear on the on-line Outlook Calendar and Contacts. Then add the Outlook account to Keyone Hub+ choosing the option of whole calendar synch. After some time, the whole calendar will appear on Keyone. This way I have imported my Agenda from 2006 to today in my Keyone from my BB Q5. Be careful to proceed slowly and in order to avoid massive entry duplication.
    In case your Oulook on PC is not automatically synched with your on'line Outlook PC, in the PC Outlook File tab select 'Save as' to export to a .ics file that you can then import into the Outlook on-line Calendar. It is advised to segment in several smaller .ics files and import them one by one. This works for any .ics file that you can have somewhere else. I am still waiting for a solution from BB Support and anyway, BB Transfer does not work properly, forget it. Hope this helps
    02-06-18 03:49 AM

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