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    My girlfriend has a KeyOne that somehow managed to pull messages off the mail server. That phone doesn't check email anymore but unfortunately has thousands of email on it dating back from before May. Her new phone (KeyTwo LE) has been accessing the server through IMAP and it has all current messages on it, as does her MacBook Pro's email client.

    I don't want the old KeyOne to check email at all for fear it will sync with the server inbox and purge all the old messages. Best case scenario, I want to "move" the emails from the KeyOne's inbox back on to the server so that both her newer phone (KeyTwo LE) and MacBook can have copies off them as well.

    I did consider creating a gmail account, setting it up on the KeyOne and then moving the Inbox contents over to a folder in Gmail, but I read somewhere this won't work.

    I've looked for third party Apps, but no luck thus far. I'm either not Googling the right thing or Google isn't helping me now either.

    Any direction would be grateful.
    08-21-19 03:40 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    How was her old phone setup? POP or IMAP as well?

    What kind of storage limits does your Service have?

    Sorry but I don't really know of any solution for syncing messages back to a POP or IMAP account server. There are solutions for backing up the messages and importing on here new phone...
    08-22-19 12:57 PM

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