1. ritchie fontaine's Avatar
    i am using my new keyone and I have been able to set the alert notifications for email and text messages. if I do not hear my alert It does not display an icon to alert me of a new message. how do I change the seetings?. not hearing my alert and not seeing any indication has caused me to be late responding on many emails and text. thanks
    06-27-17 11:59 PM
  2. undefinederror's Avatar
    The phone should alert you with an icon. It will be in the top bar of the screen, toward the left corner. text alerts will be shaped like a conversation bubble, and the emails will have a different icon
    06-28-17 12:18 AM
  3. ritchie fontaine's Avatar
    thank you. from another phone I sent my self text and I saw the top bar with the icon appear for a few seconds. if the text or email is not checked will an icon remain visible? I have not cleared the text I sent to myself but just looking at home screen there is no icon to tell me that there was a msg received..thanks
    06-28-17 12:43 AM
  4. blueyestm's Avatar
    The icon will remain visible if you don't clear it from the top.
    06-28-17 02:28 AM
  5. ritchie fontaine's Avatar
    ok. thanks. i will continue to also attempt to change my settings because when using the pocket case u can only see the email or text symbols but it still does no icon to alert me of a msg.
    06-28-17 07:24 AM
  6. dollface's Avatar
    all of your notifications are on the notification pull down screen and the icons will remain on your top toolbar until you hit the Clear All button at the bottom of the screen. Also, if you use Nova Pro Launcher you can install an app called Tesla Unread from play store, it is specifically for Nova launcher. It will give you options for notification badges for a lot of your system apps and third party apps as well. You can customize the color and size and shape of the badge, it works really well and then your homescreen icons will have badges on them to alert you
    06-28-17 08:05 AM
  7. ritchie fontaine's Avatar
    thank u very much for your assistance. I also talked with blackberry mobile support and he guided me through the "settings" and searching for "notification access" and at that point both blackberry hub+services" and "blackberry launcher" needed to be turned on. that was the solution not at a glance the icons show me if I have a msg....
    06-28-17 08:07 PM

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