06-29-17 11:18 AM
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  1. fanisk's Avatar
    First people they have seen it in my office have been impressed by the form factor and the quality of the phone.
    05-23-17 04:05 PM
  2. texn884's Avatar
    I guess this will be another phone BB has that they Never spend a dollar on advertising that people will see!

    the phone looks great but when the **** will they learn?
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    05-23-17 04:46 PM
  3. mikeydodds's Avatar
    Nobody ogles at it like they did the passport.
    Had maybe one comment about it. Was an android user who mentioned how good BlackBerry 10 o.s is.

    Told him it was android, showed him a couple of shortcuts, mind blown.
    06-01-17 04:31 PM
  4. hjc73734's Avatar
    Showed it off to a few iPhone sheepish friends over dinner.

    "That's a NEW phone? As in just released? I thought you bought a used pre-paid phone or something"
    06-01-17 06:52 PM
  5. ShredRex5150's Avatar
    So far with a lot of interest. Day one a guy noticed it in Costco and was like hey is that the new Blackberry. The girl at the bank said it was a phone she wanted too....so people did take notice
    06-01-17 07:32 PM
  6. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    4 people have spoke to me about the phone since yesterday
    06-02-17 06:15 PM
  7. BlackberryCodeSource's Avatar
    it is an eye catching phone
    06-02-17 06:16 PM
  8. paperbackpiles's Avatar
    So far only a little Asian guy asked where I got it. The only other comments have been from the angle of pity and ignorance "ooh, you have one of those old blackberries" ..."don't you miss emoticons" ..."I haven't seen one of those in years"...if they only knew how great and currently rare this phone is in nyc.
    06-02-17 07:15 PM
  9. kodos78's Avatar
    Since I work from home most of my interactions have been with friends and coworkers who are online. Even if I post that the phone is Android based they don't read what I write and say that they would never get a device with no ecosystem. Then I tell them to read more carefully and they are surprised it runs Android. Sigh.

    But this is a real problem. No one is equating BlackBerry with Android yet.
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    06-02-17 09:40 PM
  10. NightFire's Avatar
    I was told a few days ago that it was the biggest BlackBerry she'd ever seen (I remember getting the same comment about my Q10 four years ago) and she missed her BlackBerry. She was really surprised to hear it ran Android.
    06-26-17 01:29 PM
  11. portplayer's Avatar
    You'll have the last laugh when their iPhone battery dies. Lmfao I have to charge my Phone 7 Plus battery twice in a day from around 10% to full each time. Bare in mind I do not have raise to wake on nor many apps that have background app refresh enabled. My KEYone lasts on average two days per charge.
    06-26-17 02:38 PM
  12. portplayer's Avatar
    You'll have the last laugh when their iPhone battery dies. Lmfao I have to charge my Phone 7 Plus battery twice in a day from around 10% to full each time. Bare in mind I do not have raise to wake on nor many apps that have background app refresh enabled. My KEYone lasts on average two days per charge.
    Forgot to add how Dumb it is that Apple doesn't make a smart battery case for the 7 Plus b/c they assume the bigger battery in this phone as compared to 7 doesn't warrant one. Boy are they wrong.
    I showed a friend of mine who is a nanny and she laughed. BUT the 9 year old boy who she nannies was amazed. He is a techie already (his dad works for some tech software company) they have devices all over the place. He has instagram, twitter, Snapchat (all of which I don't agree with at that age but thats for another time). I don't even have the device but showed him pictures. He loved the keyboard. Said it looked "cool". And then showed him how you can do short cut to those apps and he thought it was the best thing he'd ever seen. Kid was smiling and pumping fist. Funny stuff.
    06-26-17 02:40 PM
  13. BURZIN's Avatar
    I care a Damn anyways bb is for classes not masses.
    06-27-17 01:57 PM
  14. Jose Vazquez5's Avatar
    Showed to 3 co-workers, they were all impressed thought it looked nice and they liked the back rubber material. All of their final comments were the same though, "That's a cool phone but I still prefer my _____" (name of phone they were carrying).
    06-27-17 02:17 PM
  15. Roveer's Avatar
    I'm still rock'n a 9810. It's on BES so security is an important thing for us. This year I set up a new BES server to support BB10 phones and got a Priv for test. I decided I wanted to wait for K1 before migrating. My Boss says he's going to use a Classic as his new phone, but having done so much work with the Priv I dont' see how he's ever going to be happy without full android. Form factor is a major deal for him, and the Classic is about as big as he wants to go.

    Having a Priv, or even better a K1 pretty much gives me as much or more power than every phone on the market. Is there really anything an IOS phone or a Samsung Android can do that a Priv or K1 can't? My phone is a work device, I don't do social media and I don't watch movies. Having had a 9810 for almost 10 years tells you I like to find something that works and stick with it. Moving to Android will bring a lot of new apps and I like the bigger screen real estate.

    For me a move to K1 will be especially sweet because I'm coming from a 9810. For those who have been on big screens or more powerful processors it might not be as good, but for me it'll be a huge step up.

    I'm not sure how anyone can knock the K1 when It's full android, and fully capable. I still laugh at people and remind them that my email has never been hacked and I've never sent my customers emails with links to porn sites. So many of my industry partners who are on IOS and Android have had that happen to them. Not us. Never once.

    We are on-site hosted exchange and having BES allows me to not have to open up any inbound ports and have to manage trying to keep a Microsoft product safe from the internet. That's another HUGE reason for sticking with Blackberry.

    I'll never apologize for my BB. Instead I just chuckle and tell them how it does everything we need.
    06-27-17 02:30 PM
  16. kitmo's Avatar
    No interest when I show it. Sort of just a glance and then nothing. People really are caught up with the slabs.
    06-27-17 04:56 PM
  17. EmilyLiu's Avatar
    I get very odd looks on the London underground when I use my KEYone. I tend to just stare back at them whilst still typing on my physical keyboard which they are probably jealous of but won't admit it, and then they just look super awkward.
    06-27-17 06:54 PM
  18. Makaveli@Beta's Avatar
    I am still on the passport, first impression of key one is not meeting my expectations. I played with it almost an hour, most probably the impression was spoiled by my Samsung s7 edge.

    Planning to wait for more reviews....

    Posted via CB10
    If an hour of your own Time with the device in hand wasn't good enough what is a review going to tell you? It seems you have already made a choice.
    06-27-17 08:10 PM
  19. TymelRory's Avatar
    I work in a very professional business environment with people a little older than me (I'm 30), so everyone I work with are very familiar with blackberry's and had them at some point in their lives. When I put mine down on the desk or during a meeting, I get "holy ****, is that a blackberry?" They then want to check it out, the play around with it, and hand it back usually with a follow up along the lines of, "it looks really good."

    My gf however makes fun of me since she thinks a blackberry is a primitive device and always asks if I can get texts or something basic on my phone. I just poke fun at her back while she's hanging off the bed looking at instagram since her iPhone is glued to the charger
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    06-28-17 12:35 AM
  20. chain13's Avatar
    So what? Will people buy the phone just to see how others react to it? This is 2017.
    06-28-17 11:08 PM
  21. booker1953's Avatar
    I got the reaction the other day of "I thought BlackBerry was out of business nonsense". He was using an Apple SE and it was the best phone in the world compared to anything else. Barely listened to me as I explained the phone used full Android, etc. To each their own as I'm very happy with my KEYone.
    06-29-17 05:47 AM
  22. Thalakar's Avatar
    Most opinions are not really valuable so I don't really care

    Also I choose a phone for how it feels and comfort and use not to impress girls in bars
    06-29-17 06:50 AM
  23. mrsimon's Avatar
    but if it did, I'd probably get one !
    06-29-17 07:30 AM
  24. Mercuryuser's Avatar
    I'm firmly convinced that when I reveal this device it stimulates the synapses of onlookers in such a way that they believe im a powerful CEO.
    Last edited by Mercuryuser; 06-29-17 at 09:59 AM.
    06-29-17 08:04 AM
  25. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    I'm like the most masses on here.....I don't really care what other people think as well. Im a bit of a teckie and as such most people dont get anyways. The K1 suits my needs and I no longer stress about how much time im wasting trying to back space on slab phones to correct touch typing as I KNOW I type correctly. Im in a business that needs to focus on a large amount of appointments and emails......THe in accuracy of touch typing on slab devices DONT work for me. Most people have basically stared but nobody has yet to comment.
    06-29-17 10:38 AM
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