1. velkod's Avatar
    I opened BlackBerry content transfer and it refuses to work. No reading any devices and when I try on email it keeps saying update the KEYone app but I has no update!!!
    06-01-17 01:56 PM
  2. Bla1ze's Avatar
    Well, IMHO Content Transfer is garbage and should be avoided anyway, but if nothing is working you're likely better off just moving things manually. I dunno what you use for email, but if it's any modern service, all your addresses are already backed up to the cloud anyway and so should your calendar dates. The only thing at that point to move is media and well, that's largely just a drag and drop scenario moving files with a PC or using your device to move them all to your SD Card.

    That said, uninstall the Content Transfer apps, reboot your devices and try installing them again. Content Transfer has a habit of working only when it wants to, not when you want it to. It's just a janky app all around. Can't even blame BlackBerry for it, since they never developed it lol.
    06-01-17 02:47 PM
  3. IvanTheTolerable's Avatar
    I had no issue today with the content transfer from my Passport to my keyone
    06-01-17 02:55 PM
  4. velkod's Avatar
    I tried to reply here before but the app wouldn't let me for some reason. I got it figured out now n transfered over the basics. Such a finicky app.

    Let's hope this reply works hahah.

    Also, can you have the Enter button send msgs for text and the quick reply feature? Or do I need textra or something?
    When I click to see what apps I have open, it doesnt have them in line like I've seen, it has them in tile form like the dteks
    Last edited by velkod; 06-01-17 at 06:26 PM.
    06-01-17 06:13 PM

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