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    Cross-Posting from reddit since I didn't get a response

    Hey Guys,

    Typing Action is the action that the BB launcher performs when you start typing. By default, it will initiate a short-press hotkey if assigned (if not, it'll prompt you for an assignment).

    I found, in this article, that it may be helpful to consider switching the Typing Action to BB's Device Search. See "Switch to Device Search" https://crackberry.com/blackberry-ke...idden-features

    Anyways, when you first enable this and begin typing, the launcher will prompt you to either "Just Once" or "Always" execute Google Search or BB's Device Search. If you select one & Always, then subsequent typing actions will default to that option. However, I was unable to reset this preference WITHOUT going to Settings > Apps > Reset all app preferences (top right hand overflow menu). This option is much undesirable for obvious reasons.

    I tried the following with no luck:

    • Switching the Typing Action to "Use a short-press keyboard shortcut" or "Do nothing" and then back to "Start a search" it will still remember your previous selection.
    • Settings > Apps > Device Search > Storage > Clear Data I also did this for BlackBerry Launcher, BlackBerry Hub+ Services, and Google App

    Any ideas?


    Extra Credit:

    Following the advice of this article you can change your convenience key to Voice Search. https://crackberry.com/convenience-k...e-voice-search Is anyone able to set their convenience key to Google Assistant? The siri-like thing that helps you out when you hold down the home softkey?
    06-08-17 03:53 PM

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