1. DonnaDiva's Avatar
    I want to attach a photo to an email but Google insists on managing it for some reason. I recently had to reset to factory so I probably picked a wrong setting. I just want to manage attachments directly.
    Anybody know where I went wrong and what I need to do? (Wishing my Bold was back...)
    10-06-17 12:51 PM
  2. towngirl's Avatar
    Google doesn't work that well, for me. I use "Gallery" to open the photo and Share to e-mail. Maybe that will work for you?

    Wouldn't want to return to Bold BUT do wish Android was more controlled the way that BB pre-android, is. Everything just worked!
    10-06-17 12:58 PM
  3. DonnaDiva's Avatar
    I am using the inboard photo program - it looks like the old Picasa icon - and I am attaching the photo in an email. but most of the time, instead of attachments, recipient gets "shared photos" from Google. I want to shut off the Google part of it (I have gotten it to go directly but it seems a bit hit or miss)
    10-06-17 01:18 PM