1. Lydex's Avatar
    can anybody tell how to connect my K1 with my notebook running on Windows 7? I want to enable K1 as a wi fi spot in order to send some files attached to my email from that PC. What I need is when writing message in a hub I could access and attach files from that computer.
    02-14-19 11:41 AM
  2. psychofox13's Avatar
    From what I'm understanding, you want to send an e-mail from your phone with attachments on your PC?

    You could send an e-mail from your PC by activating the Wi-Fi Hotspot feature and connecting your PC to your phone like you would any other WiFi. Your cell phone service plan will need to support Wi-Fi Hotspot to do this, though.

    If you want to get more complicated, you can plug in your phone via USB and transfer the files to the phone. Then you'll create a new e-mail and attach the files from wherever you saved them.
    02-14-19 12:28 PM

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