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    Hello! I'm experiencing issues with custom alerts in Blackberry Hub on my Blackberry Keyone.

    DEVICE: Keyone (BBB100-2)
    OS: Android 7.1.1

    The general email account notification setting overrides custom alerts for email accounts.

    For example, I'd create a custom alert rule with the correct account(email), with the correct receiver address, but the general email account notification setting still overrides custom alerts.

    So far, search hasn't brought up any specific solutions that has worked yet.

    I've tested with all three settings in 'message received' on and off, with 'message importance' on and off, 'has attachment' on and off, with different senders, different receiver addresses.. With 'account' set to 'Any account' and the specific email account, with different sounds, vibration and LED settings, with 'importance 1 alarm alerts on and off. I've also tried deleting and turning custom alerts on and off. So far nothing has worked yet.

    The system notification settings are fine, all other app notifications seem to work fine. 'Blackberry Hub+ acess' has been allowed for Hub in App settings. My phone has no other email app installed. I've had this issue since buying the phone a few months ago.

    I'd really like to make custom alerts work again. Custom alerts were incredibly useful in getting notified only for important emails on my old devices - passport and priv. On these, I would mute all email alerts by default and set up custom alerts only for email addresses where I received important emails to.

    Can anyone help me solve this issue?
    06-14-18 07:47 AM

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