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    I recently upgraded my device from BB Bold to BB KeyOne and was successful in migrating my contacts, documents and even text messages - this is how I did it:

    Required - BB with BBOS 10
    - also need this app
    Device Switch
    - a working and configured BBWorld enduser account
    - a really fast MicroUSB 64Gb card, don't go cheap here or your KeyOne will always lag

    Note - I do this for a living, so my BBOS10 device already has the Device Switch app

    Step 1 : backup everything
    - ideally you have a computer with the old BBOS6 Device Manager
    - if it was using an old MicroCard, copy everything to the new MicroCard
    Step 2 : security wipe the BBOS10
    Step 3 : enable the BBWID on the BBOS10 device
    Step 4 : Install the Device Switch app on both the BBOS6 and BBOS10 devices from BBW or file
    Step 5 : transfer data over Wifi, I have only ever been able to get everything off BBOS6 using wifi
    Step 6 : wait 2-5 hours after transger . . . or more depending on the number of texts
    - at this stage, I often configure the exchange account
    - remove the SIM and MicroUSB from the BBOS6 to BBOS10 device
    Step 7 : backup the OS10 device . . .
    Step 8 : Install Content transfer on BBOS10 device and Android device
    - I have only ever installed on fresh android device with all updates performed
    Step 9 : transfer data over MicroCard, it will only transfer 3500 message max
    Step 10 : Insert MicroUSB in Android device and import data using Content Transfer

    Note: you need to security wipe the BBOS10 device or you will lose the ability to use it.
    Don't do factory reset or you will need to re-installd the Device Switch and Content Transfer

    Text message transfer between OS10 and Android is fussy. I've had to connect the Carrier SIM and let let the device sit overnight. Rest of data such as contacts, notes, pictures and documents seems to transfer fine.

    I have the BBWolrd Device Switch file for OS6 and I typically install it from the Computer Device Manager.

    The quality of the Micro USB matters alot with the Android. It is optional to remove bloat data such as videos and music which can often slowdown the rest of the tranfer - then just add it back to the Micro USB once the transfer is complete.

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    Does any one know of a way to do this without being able to access the original phone? My bold9780 has the dreaded white screen of death, I am able to back it up to my pc and have files in both bbb and ipd formats on my pc. Since I am unable to load apps to my old phone, and unable to open or read the back up files I am not sure what to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    10-09-19 07:45 PM

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