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    In earlier almost unread threads I mentioned trying to buy from CPW.
    So, after 200 posts and countless wasted hours mulling it over I 'pulled the trigger'.
    Where did i get the Black from and why? The requirements were buying a Black one through my company in Spain.
    Firstly, I tried CPW online and got stuck with the postcode for Spain. Called them, and they then directed me to CPW BUSINESS HQ in Poole. Staffed by young untrained, lowly paid lads in their first jobs I spend two days of calls and emails trying to buy the phone to be finally told by an assistant that "we don't sell to businesses outside the UK." Thanks a f***ing lot mate. CPW: BREXIT supporters. Once again, just like their Poole high street shop: incompetence. I do not recommend CPW AT ALL.

    Secondly, I went back to BBM EU site, and managed to send them a message by email (not easy) regarding B2B.
    This is their reply:
    Dear Sir,
    Thank you for your query.
    This particular portal is set up for B2C customers. VAT will be charged. However our business customers in general do not have any difficulty claiming the tax back from their local authority. Kind regards The BlackBerry Mobile Team

    This isn't true about tax. And if you're a business you'd buy from a company that will complete an ex VAT purchase. So, they are not catering for B2B and no Black devices online either "maybe before Christmas." so, why do they have them in Germany and France and the UK?
    If you're a consumer go ahead (but in GBP) as the Euro price tag is well overpriced. No news about launching the phone in Catalonia either, where it was presented.
    For all of the above reasons. I can't recommend buying through them if you're a company.

    Third time lucky? Clove UK anyone?
    An enquiry at 10pm and a reply by 10am the next day. Full, well-written, precise details answering my enquiry. Below the signature is an email and normal landline number.
    As you have a Spanish company and VAT number, then we can invoice you without VAT, however we MUST ship to Spain to allow this. We ship across the EU every day with DHL.

    If you select Spain (or any other EU country) as the delivery destination on our website, the checkout page will show a field to enter the VAT number and deduct the VAT at the point of sale.
    Josh Bethell

    Well done Josh. Followed your clear instructions and I just bought the black version phone from your site ex-vat. Nice doing business with you.
    Thanks. Recommended. And thanks to the people on the forum for recommending me to you.

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    10-05-17 04:30 PM
  2. Dunt Dunt Dunt's Avatar
    Glad you got it without the VAT....

    Hopefully BlackBerry Mobile has plans to add Spain at some point and anyone else at your company that wants one won't have the same problems.
    10-05-17 04:49 PM
  3. RoscoJ's Avatar
    I bought my KEYone black via Clove. Ordered on Thursday evening after 6pm UK time and arrived in Malta by close of business on Monday. Would recommend them to anyone looking to buy.
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    10-05-17 10:18 PM
  4. mrsimon's Avatar
    tracking message. on it way already...still looking at a 5 star rating compared to 1 for CPW and 3 for BBM
    10-07-17 11:40 AM
  5. mrsimon's Avatar
    arrived Monday morning. OMG. GREAT SERVICE.
    Set up and working. Now a K1 owner...
    10-10-17 12:54 AM
  6. vara411's Avatar
    arrived Monday morning. OMG. GREAT SERVICE.
    Set up and working. Now a K1 owner...
    Well, what do you think???
    10-10-17 01:03 AM
  7. mrsimon's Avatar
    First impressions are excellent. Seems solid and well made and the keyboard is as good as my Bold was. Better than I expected in general. gonna be a work only phone, so seeting it up accordingly.
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    10-10-17 03:33 AM

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