1. 2BPencil's Avatar
    I finally made the switch to Blackberry Android. Si far I like it however a wee bit of a learning curve. The phone is second hand.

    What does this info say about the device

    Product name: BBB100-2
    Software version: ABL693
    Hardware version: PRD-63117-003
    CU Ref: PRD-63117-003
    02-03-19 08:31 AM
  2. sorgo's Avatar
    Here is a handy list of the device flavors https://tclota.birth-online.de/
    As a bonus you have the list of software updates for each model/variant.

    BBB100-2 is the EU version of KeyOne
    PRD-63117-003 says it's UK Unlocked.
    02-03-19 09:56 AM
  3. 2BPencil's Avatar
    Thank you, I was able to reach out to Blackberry support and though my device is 2nd-hand support offered up some interesting info about the device.

    Yes it is EU and Unlocked and not blacklisted.

    It is working on my service with Eastlink my concern is there a legal issue to use a provisioned phone from the EU in Canada as a daily driver
    02-03-19 03:10 PM

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