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    Walmart's problem is their web site isn't well managed. It has been dreadful since the beta and they never bothered to improve it. Obviously they don't want to pay for any real designers.

    BlackBerry is a mystery. It's like they snub Canada on purpose.

    You could order from the yankee amazon side and have one of the border services ship it on if you can't drive down to a UPS store or Kinek point. Amazon.ca has the UK one. Neither of those are great options. Maybe BB is just waiting for the end of year when the phone would be unlocked in general. How long will a K1 (which we pronounce key-yone-ay) stay in top form? Other Android phones don't last too long before being obsolete (relative term). Things like the Bolds, Curves and Q10s lasting 5+ years for people aren't likely to be replicated with Android phones that can't jump to the next OS version when it comes out. At $700+ one would hope this will be ready for Android 8.
    08-12-17 02:08 PM
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    Why is everyone so concerned with it being unlocked? The carrier can unlock it for a fee and as of December 2017 they won't be allowed to charge the fee according to the CRTC. Unless you plan on changing carriers before then it doesn't really matter.

    Because carrier unlocked is not the same as factory unlocked.
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    08-13-17 09:25 PM
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