1. missyap's Avatar
    I didn't like the earphones that came with the phone so I started using my old ones from the Blackberry Passport. I found the volume up button works fine but when I try to lower the volume from the earphones it activates Google voice search. Is there anyway to disable this?
    06-03-17 06:26 AM
  2. mbirth's Avatar
    Have you tried if there's a difference between long-press (=holding) the button and multiple short presses?
    06-03-17 07:00 AM
  3. missyap's Avatar
    No, there's no difference. Pressing it once starts it and holding it for a long press just delays it. Multiple short presses are the same as pressing it once
    On the bright side the middle button mutes it, it's just the volume down button that does work as it should
    06-03-17 08:36 AM

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