08-08-17 03:12 PM
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  1. anon(870071)'s Avatar
    Yes I've considered opening an account with another bank just for the sake of having android pay. It would be a pain in the rear end to have multiple credit cards and constantly having to add money to that account when I have direct deposit set up with my TD accounts though.
    It blows right!?
    CONTEMPLATING the same!!!
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    07-21-17 12:11 PM
  2. varasani's Avatar
    Today I tried android pay for the first time at whole foods using my visa card and it worked fine!
    07-22-17 11:05 PM
  3. Gelzz's Avatar
    mine started working since the upgrade, works good with the scotia banks mobile wallet app which is linked to the android pay app
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    07-22-17 11:38 PM
  4. luvsql's Avatar
    I can confirm that previously not working CIBC credit card worked on Saturday, July 22. Yay!
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    07-24-17 10:37 AM
  5. Rabou's Avatar
    iam from Canada too and i just tried the android pay in a drogstore and it worked perfectly. ( the 24 july)
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    07-24-17 07:59 PM
  6. KingRohan's Avatar
    All good now after getting July update.
    08-08-17 03:12 PM
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